One Piece: Chapter 1059

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  1. Honestly, I don't get the end of the Boss Fight. My Boss always died after Killing the shield, but at what Point do you actually get into the 8-0% Phase? Not complaining, but just curious.

  2. True Damage goes through the shield. This includes Leo's LDCA and Tifa's similar effect. I brought the boss down to 1% by spamming Tifa's Battle Cry (with Cor's additional attack and Leo's LDCA effect active on him) right before its last turn, then when I run out of uses I used Tifa's LD. This broke the shield and about half of the HP damage actually went through. I only found out now that breaking the shield kills the boss...

  3. It’s like the Ifrit summon quest. I had Mog equipped and they switched it to Ifrit.

  4. Yes, but Ifrit stays equipped, while it seems (from other comments) that the skill order only changes during the fight.

  5. I was like: wow this is definitely shipping material

  6. Listen to your playlist to confirm you match the vibe?! I reckon it’s Never Gonna Give You Up 23 times in a row

  7. I assume it's only whip sounds because you'd better get used to them if you want to work there.

  8. Honestly this is good news as a G2 fan, i've always hated Ocelote and now I don't need to feel guilty supporting an organisation with him.

  9. I remember feeling conflicted at the beginning of the season because I wanted to root for Flakked but that meant indirectly supporting Ocelote. Problem solved, I guess.

  10. what happens if flakked is gone next season because ocelote isn't there to push to keep him

  11. Then I'll root for him in whatever team he's in.

  12. You'll have to start a new game to get the ones at home.

  13. In that same flashback both Auron and jecht bring up it always comes back. Like I said I think braska is taking the only chance he has and trying to believe it will work for yunas sake

  14. If I recall correctly, Braska didn't know why Sin always comes back. That's one of the things that makes a difference for Yuna: she finds out that killing Sin with the Final Aeon is also what ensures it comes back, so there's no room for hope that way.

  15. Please tell me that the fact you changed wasn't the last one and your thoughts didn't go from breeding to

  16. You don't make a character boosted. Rather, each event has a small list for boosted characters. These characters are generally the ones available in the associated draw (including the BT+ character of the current 2-week BT cycle).

  17. Do people just not explore the menus of RPGs? Every JRPG I've played has a battle actions menu

  18. I remember a post, not so long ago, about how Final Fantasy X was unbalanced and had a huge difficulty spike at Mushroom Rock Road, even in random battles.

  19. A lot of people nowadays would still press the skip button instantly because "tutorials are boring" and "I want to find out how to play by playing", only to end up complaining later.

  20. You gave me a great idea. I have a lot of level 100 Pokémon from Emerald/LeafGreen/Platinum/HeartGold that I haven't used in a long time.

  21. Yay! I've kept using your last forecast when l look at the near future, so I'm glad I'll be able to do it for another couple of months. I hope you're doing well!

  22. From the Organization that seeks to recreate the legendary keyblade to pay respects: the F-blade.

  23. Should be 2 kricketot in his spawn location, maybe you have the wrong area. You just need to take them out then sleep to reset

  24. That's where I found it. There's also another one spot nearby (to the south iirc), at the end of a dead-end downward slope on the hillside.

  25. I fucking love cor. Him, Gladio and another off-turn dps King and my lord. The most fun I've had since the shinryu start.

  26. I used Cor, Gau (who feels much better now that his base and LD counters don't interfere with each other) and Gladio, and it was nice to watch the HP bonus increase steadily during both ally and enemy turns. Particularly when there's almost no set-up, just using FR, unlike Kam.

  27. Trix is the name of an American cereal, it used the tag line "Trix are for kids"

  28. "Go on, you just keep running... but I'll always be there to bring you back!" - Axel

  29. It technically means "low support needs". Level 2 is moderate and 3 is high.

  30. Som descriptions are confusing to me.

  31. I would assume that's the second Event Draw (Draw/Shops button in the right-side menu) that was released alongside Act 3, Chapter 9, Part 1. The one with Ultimecia's BT+ and Lunafreya's FR.

  32. Yes, it’s in the G token exchange, one day left. I have 60 green tokens, and need 40 more. So, what I need to know the quest that I should clear to get those 40 tokens

  33. You get those tokens by using gems on the event draw, 20 for each 5000 gems. But it's too late for this event now.

  34. It seems like some of us expect Sarada's Sharingan to evolve greater than Sasuke's while doing very little to progress it.

  35. That should've carried over for KH3. Hell they could have probably done costumes for DLC.

  36. The funny part is that the data for the customization stuff is still there in KH3. In the PC version, it's not hard to make Sora wear accessories with a mod.

  37. idk why but kisses barrages looks really cool, other stand just push there arms forward and thats it and meanwhile kisses barrages actually looks like its dealing a lot of damage

  38. Other Stands' barrages look like controlled straight punches from a cold martial artist. (At least in this video,) Kiss's barrage looks like a punch barrage from a wild and strong gorilla.

  39. Q: Where did the name Serephim come from? I don’t see it in the chapter

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