1. Has KJ always been inaccurate, though? He had the second-highest completion percentage in school history last year. He’s only 1.2 percentage points behind last year and that’s with his receivers struggling with drops.

  2. But... How many air yards was KJ actually throwing it downfield?

  3. According to PFF, he’s been one of the most accurate deep ball passers in college football.

  4. Also included: Sam Pittman is 3 for 3 helping another Arkansas program land a trio of top-30 recruits.

  5. If anyone has info on where those goalposts are today, hit me up on here or DM on Twitter. Would love to get the story. This game is my earliest Razorback memory. I was 5. Would love to write about it.

  6. FYI - Ketron never tweeted that. He said it in interviews last night, but I wouldn’t read too much into it — even though I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it were true. He’s a sophomore who hasn’t talked to the media much, so he may have said it kind of as a “if he has to play” comment. Now if it was Bumper or Wagner or another veteran who’s done a ton of interviews through the years, then you could probably read into it some. But if you watch the video, it’s not 100% clear that’s what he meant. (The tweet you may have seen deleted was from Mason Choate, as he tweeted the quote but then there was a question about whether or not he actually said “Saturday,” because his voice kinda trailed off, so he decided to just tweet the clip and let people decide for themselves.)

  7. I interrupt your KJ/Malik/Fortin drama to bring you some Diamond Hogs coverage.

  8. Did my best to cover all angles of the QB situation.

  9. Great article. Do we still have renfro?

  10. Great question — yes. He’s coming off a torn ACL suffered in December, though. As of the Wednesday before the Cincinnati opener, he hadn’t been fully cleared yet. I haven’t asked since then, though, because it kinda seemed silly to ask about a fourth-team QB. But now I might have an excuse to get an update Monday, haha. I honestly liked what I saw from Renfro when he was healthy.

  11. FWIW - This will be the ninth AP top-25 matchup in Fayetteville since 1992. As others have pointed out, the Cincinnati game should be on this list. But No. 8 on the list, the 2016 LSU game, isn’t an AP top-25 matchup. The Hogs were ranked only in the CFP poll.

  12. Thanks for clarifying- I was using the 2022 media guide for research and didn’t realize they used the CFP rankings for that year!

  13. No problem! Yeah, the media guide seems to randomly switch back and forth between AP and CFP rankings (and sometimes BCS for older years). No real rhyme or reason, either. Lol. I’ve reached out to the UA about it. But fun research! Very unique game coming up on Saturday.

  14. How many of you complainers actually ever played? College level? SEC? Then sit down and enjoy.

  15. I’m not gonna lie, the “if you never played, you shouldn’t complain” argument is pretty annoying.

  16. Oh hey, ESPN must read BoAS. Lol. I wrote about Pittman going over and meeting the softball recruits before the Cincinnati game a couple weeks ago. Fairly confident I’m the only person who had that because it got it from luck — I just happened to be watching Pittman through my binoculars and saw it all unfold.

  17. KJ is the better QB and it’s not particularly close. He’s by far the better passer and just as dynamic running the ball — just in a different way. And that’s coming from someone whose formative years were watching Matt Jones. That dude was my hero, so it’s tough for me to say KJ is better, but it’s the truth.

  18. Always quality stuff. Is nudie Dwight McGlothern’s nickname. I saw on his injury it said nudie got hurt

  19. Yup, we still haven’t gotten the backstory on how he got that nickname. I’m not sure if we ever will. Lol.

  20. I’m not ready to say it was louder than the Wingo TD vs. Bama in 2010 or the Manziel sack vs. A&M in 2013, but it was definitely really loud. Pretty great atmosphere.

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