1. Now we know why he wasn’t a threat during the bills and chiefs games . Happened the day before the bills playoff game. Must have had this lingering on his mind.

  2. He was amazing during the Bills game. Run game in general vs Chiefs is hard when your line is collapsing every play. Still, I'm a fan of Perine and the Bengals should explore moving him to RB1 and maybe draft an agile back to replace Mixon.

  3. I think he will be. Lots of people saying that its just being cautious.

  4. Get a free digital Cuyahoga library card if you live in Ohio. Access to NYT WSJ the athletic and tons of magazines and newspapers for free.

  5. I am actually a Bengals fan from Texas who's never step foot in Ohio lol. I appreciate it tho! The print friendly link worked

  6. Whether he's lying or not doesn't really matter. QBs move and scramble when under pressure, if he can't move then he just gets pressured. I was honestly kinda worried for if Mahomes doesn't play at all and Henne comes in. Obviously he's not as flashy or as physically talented as Mahomes, but he's obviously still good in his own way and we likely wouldn't have prepared for him if Anarumo thought Mahomes would play. I think our defense is dynamic enough that the QB that's in doesn't particularly matter. I think the biggest thing that needs to happen is that Burrow needs to be dominant on offense.

  7. Thank you. DROP were really keen for that and I'm glad they went with it. Any other sci topics you think we should go for next time?

  8. For sure. They blamed Carmen on it, but honestly everything at the end was his own decision and it low-key felt like he wanted to rough Burrow up a bit at least. Dirty play, but maybe it was dirtier then he had thought it was

  9. Not to mention it seems like the snow played a part in allowing that man to slide and get to joe. Carmen beat him but the slick surface allowed the DLman to slide as he went down and grab him

  10. hard to imagine a cleaner game outta the Bengals, too - 0 turnovers, one (?) sack, I think maybe three marginal penalties.

  11. Yep, 1 sack. Now it's without Vonn but Carman and the boys on the line are looking GOOD.

  12. Avoid similar stuff for a while. I ended the show 3 weeks ago and I already tried 4 shows to fill the void : Barbarians, Rome, Vikings, Vikings : Valhalla, and it was a terrible idea. Barbarians is cool tho.

  13. Rome is meh? ROME? Season 1 is hilariously good.

  14. Rome is def better than the others. I watched S1 and not sure if I ever finished the series.

  15. You should get you char back when the raid is over.

  16. We all have doubts, but big if true. So far my character is butt-ass naked after confirming leave

  17. Well it was either leave or keep clicking reconnect, it seems like the entire match server died. I'd bet there isn't even a raid happening rn in that match

  18. The most interesting thing to me is the fact that your best days (the 10 scores) weren't in your top 2 months. Fascinating.

  19. Was there thermal paste on that before you cleaned it off?

  20. Fantastic use of space... but gotdamn the off-centered wallpaper and deskmat would drive me insane. I hate-love it!

  21. Forgive my American perspective, but is VAT not calculated at the time of checkout? I know for me I see prices as raw prices, but State sales taxes are calculated at checkout so I see them as a separate piece independent of the product price.

  22. VAT is built-in to the price. It's a tax applied at every step of manufacturing when value is added (hence Value-Added Tax). Theoretically you shouldn't be charged more at checkout. US is sales tax so the tax is only applied when the consumer buys it.

  23. Certain keys aren't working on my keyboard so generally I was hoping to remove them and have a look

  24. So the deal with those kinds of keyboards is that 95% of the time you have to replace the whole keyboard rather than trouble shoot individual keys. I can't say for certain, but this looks like that.

  25. I think your partition being dynamic and a Simple Volume is causing Windows to not show the full capacity. All of my drives are primary partitions and Basic volumes, and they work exactly as advertised. I'll do some research and get back to you

  26. While not "directly" the cause, try seeing if you can just format the disk as a primary partition and a Basic Disk. If that doesn't let you get the full capacity then I'd recommend seeing if the drive is fake, although that's unlikely

  27. I would personally go with the AMD system, but I'm a fan of AMD processors. I've heard the 12700K is fantastic, no idea about the F variant.

  28. Loved Barbarians and was very surprised to see Barbarians II come out randomly. Witcher is good entertainment but definitely doesn't do the books justice. Watched a few of the others but those were the most memorable

  29. If you're debating about multiclassing, don't do it. Multiclassing isn't something you should do on a whim, or for roleplay reasons. Whatever kind of character archetype you are thinking about can be made as a single classed character, I guarantee it.

  30. True, my character is essentially a seeker of knowledge, specificially on extraplanar knowledge. Horizon Walker is somewhat perfect, was just wondering if there is any potential combo I was missing. Rogue looked neat, specifically Arcane Trickster and was wishing Horizon Walker had a cooler end-game ability after lvl11.

  31. Why even start Horizon Walker if you aren’t going to at least Ra11?

  32. Ok it's Rank 11 I was thinking of, couldn't remember and not in a situation I can look it up, I'll edit my post.

  33. If you REALLY need a hard drive, I recommend WD Black 7200RPM drives. But like most people have already said, you should only use it for archiving and saving things that don't need to be quickly accessed. Lots of games, especially newer ones, require SSDs to even load into without waiting 20min.

  34. I highly doubt Final Fantasy could use 30 GB of RAM. Because RAM is so relatively cheap, I'd recommend most builds these days go for 32 GB just for the reassurance, but I think almost no single game can use 16 GB right now besides maybe some high res texture packs/add-ons.

  35. I've had Tarkov max out my 16GB and create a pagefile on my Hard Drive before. Some games absolutely will load enough into your RAM to max it out or get it close. Before upgrading to 32GB I had to remove the HDD page file and create one on my small SSD. It worked fine but man some games are terribly optimized, especially alpha/pre-release type games.

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