1. Curious if you even just had the chimmi rough cut vs smooth and didn't like it? Wife always wants it like that, and then always swap out the parsley for cilantro.

  2. I’ve heard lots about hand chopping it but my preference is the finer chopped, smooth texture.

  3. I tried this one today and it turned out really good!! Thanks for posting.

  4. How much of the smoke flavor would this or something like chili absorb? To me it seems like it just sit on top. Does it really penetrate?

  5. You have to stir pretty frequently. That’s key to smoke absorption.

  6. Sounds awesome. I’ll be giving these a shot. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Absolutely! If you try them let me know how you like them!

  8. Guess it just depends on how you like them. Just warming them is enough for me!

  9. Yes! Two of those with an IPA, a match made in heaven. Good work!

  10. Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger

  11. Great recipe that we will be doing often. Thanks for posting. Turned out amazing.

  12. Howdy! Holy priest here. I do enchanting and alchemy at the moment because people always need enchants and flasks, plus disenchanting is almost like another profession on its own. Dragonflight will purportedly change the landscape of professions completely but I still would dabble in it now.

  13. If you’re EU horde I’d be happy to heal some dungeons while you learn the ropes! DM me x

  14. That’s very generous! Unfortunately I’m NA horde.

  15. DK doesn’t have strong snap threat, and only really gets good at threat when you get your set bonuses.

  16. Interesting. I thought DKs were currently the highest performing tanks. I don’t have much interest in pally but I could see trying a Druid.

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