Canada Will Allow Americans To Cross The Border For Abortions: Trudeau

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  1. Mother fucker it doesn't matter what you call it an infant or a fetus it doesn't change what it is.

  2. As a Muslim fuck off. You don’t come to me with made up shit and fucked up beliefs and try to enforce it on all of humanity. In Islam It’s only alive after 3 months not before. Your religious beliefs don’t decide my life.

  3. I don't care what you are. You advocate baby murder.

  4. Something that isn’t a alive isn’t a baby.

  5. So you want it more restrictive than my country Arabia. You Christians are so nuts about abortion.

  6. Wrong. Qatar locally will ignore a lot of the criticism but other non Qatari news is still available and popular. Which is way my news feed is all criticism of Qatar by the west 😑.

  7. Huh? You’re not Arabic speaker are you ?

  8. I am Qatari and yes that's what I mean. Aljazzer and other news outlets in Qatar will not talk about certain topics.

  9. Which is exactly my point then why you say I’m wrong?

  10. Partially. It’s also a solid Equal Protection case. Loving isn’t going anywhere.

  11. No it’s not. Marriage equality is based on the same grounds as loving. Thomas want to remove it. So loving is not on solid grounds.

  12. Same as gay marriage. So what justify my marriage being illegal while interracial straight marriage is not.

  13. My country is 90 years old. This still haven’t happened once. In any city.

  14. What makes my country Saudi Arabia more conservative than Iran when they force women to wear hijab and they have religious police, two things we don’t do?

  15. The last canton was dragged kicking and screaming by the rest of the country into 20s century.

  16. You have to get a Saudi visa first.

  17. even in turkey nobody is trying to ban abortion, and we have every flavor of far-right lol

  18. What agreement was made with USA?

  19. I’m a gay Arab myself. Shut up.

  20. You didn't answer the question though, did you?

  21. So if a country is homophobic then killing kids is justified.

  22. Here is 18 minutes of LGBTQ hatred being allowed at these board meetings from the past year.

  23. My god. 18 minutes of people who hate my existence.

  24. Refugees from Qatar? Qatari’s don’t even migrate out of their country let alone to be refugees.

  25. Source: EF English Proficiency Index 2021

  26. Saudi Arabia being that low conformed to me this list is shit. So my country were you can’t even order food from some restaurants without speaking English or the menu is only available English. Is lowest in the world? Come on.

  27. Morocco borders Spain in Africa, some people consider part of Kazakhstan as in Europe, and the majority of the Jews in Israel are of European descent

  28. That is false the majority of Jews in Israel are not of European descent.

  29. Yes. Now theirs constitution say “marriage between a man and a woman is protected”.

  30. O Man, Reddit paints this horrible picture that society is burning down. So many angry bitter dumb folk posted on a daily basis just showing up on my newsfeed. I’m off to watch

  31. This is public freak out , what did you expect.

  32. يا ريال وايد مثلين فرحانين و مبسوطين، ماقد شفت اي واحد يشتكي من الhomophobia + في حياتي ماسمعت عن واحد مثلي ينسجن لانه مثلي (مادري كيف الوضع في السعودية)

  33. ياخي اقسم بالله انك مريض.

  34. I’m sure the guy getting his head stomped in would love a gun. So do people in your country just play dead while getting their head stomped on?

  35. Police arrive quickly, you will get money. Run don’t fight is the way here.

  36. What the point of this comment? No they are not slums.

  37. Big win? Win against what? Was flags everywhere before this?

  38. Big win? Win against what? Was Kuwait gay flags everywhere before this?

  39. Tunisia is also the only Arab nation among 22 that allows muslim women to marry non-muslims (while muslim men are allowed anyway).

  40. That isn’t true. Oman , Iraq , Morocco and Algeria have civil marriage too.

  41. It’s a Disney+ original in my country.

  42. How is that a bad thing? If anything it just shows how open and diverse Dubai is to the world, it also shows perhaps the Arab restaurant game has room for innovation.

  43. Because it’s not diverse. They are all European with one Japanese.

  44. Tresind Studio is not European or Japanese btw (it's Indian) and Hakasan is Chinese.

  45. I didn’t say they are racist. I said it’s sad. Why? Because no Arabic or even Middle Eastern restaurant is high quality in an Arab city.

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