1. I don't even have anything I could use you for

  2. Maybe he found a way to teleport to the game world and drive forever?

  3. I'm gonna pet it, and nothing will stop me

  4. I'd say in my case it's going backwards. Everyday I get even harder into vanilla

  5. I started with basically ignoring the tags, which sometimes led me to fucked up shit. Now I pay attention and crave vanilla.

  6. Gardening ain't for me. But I really enjoy being alone in my room.

  7. I reacted with a downvote. Mostly because only people that are really new to the internet would think they'll get anything worthy

  8. As opposed to most of the sub, I prefer cars

  9. Why not a real wagon? For example a Volvo 850?

  10. As someone said earlier, I guess you could just understand her "in your brain" due to her being a strong psychic Pokemon. So even when just saying Gardevoir, you'll know what she means.

  11. If I showed my favourite outfite it would be a T-shirt and some sweatpants, wide if possible

  12. The cropping on mobile is fantastic. If someone missed the subreddit name, they'd be in for a shock.

  13. Wouldn’t it be better with a dick ?

  14. I have a dick and, from experience, it isn't better with it

  15. Not that bad actually, everything seems fine. How bout you?

  16. Don't disrespect Kazuma and Bell please, they don't deserve to be compared with the pile of trash Kirito or to be called self inserts

  17. Self insert characters don't work, they look too good and do interesting things.

  18. I don't even know you, and probably we live on different continents, so why should I mind?

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