1. College admissions doesn’t know everything you ever said

  2. Warships are already used to fight piracy. You can’t exterminate piracy. People will still turn to it.

  3. Some people find it therapeutic to write down how they are feeling

  4. Yes. I’ve had hair grown back from doing that

  5. You know you will probably have to put down a down payment when financing a luxury car like a Ferrari and that could easily cost you 30k or more.

  6. actually im asking this because i just watched this scene lol. so my question is who is to prove that you didn't live like a broke person with no food (while buying groceries in dirty cash) and then spending your real income on a luxury car, etc

  7. Just tell them you’re not currently wanting to have sex with anyone

  8. It could be true for the next 10 years, what then?

  9. The EU can always pass a new law when something better is created by the tech industry if need be. Laws don’t have to be permanent

  10. Do you think it would be fair to say it slows down innovation in that sense?

  11. No. The law only has jurisdiction over products sold in countries that are EU members. It does not stop the development or use of other types of ports worldwide. It just makes practical and business sense for consumer products to use USB-C in every product model and not create a 2nd model with a different connector to use outside of the EU. It’s a fantastic connector.

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