Mom doubled her salary by getting a new job and her old boss is losing his mind

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Hotel owner who threatened to keep my deposit because I left bad review threatened me with the police.

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  1. Love the details on loxo! Curious as to what types of jobs/industries you recruit in? Also wondering about the average # of open jobs you have active in loxo?

  2. Construction (commercial), structural engineering consulting firms and mfg as its related to commercial construction/engineered products.

  3. What's wrong with demanding 200k$ as a counter offer and accepting that if he meets it?

  4. Because once the other offer is gone, they’re probably gonna be upset if you excepted an offer with them and then took a counter offer, he has no reason to continue to pay you that.

  5. I’ve been doing this for 24 yrs. Yes. I get paid. But if a candidate accepts a counteroffer I just find my client someone else. When I discuss counteroffer I do it for their benefit not mine. A very large majority of the time it’s career suicide. You don’t want to work for my client? No problem. Not everyone is a fit. No worries. But accepting a counter offer is not smart. You’re “threatening” your boss. That’s how they look at it.

  6. Tests are BS. Anyone can flub through them.

  7. Nothings is foolproof but it works for realtors and it definitely works for attorneys but I’m not calling for something like that.

  8. Imagine being a sales person but the product you sell has it’s own thoughts and feelings and will happily let you down. So you’re constantly at the front end apologising to clients for someone going AWOL. That’s in a booming market.

  9. You hit the nail in the head. This is the only sales job where your product can say no. Can you imagine if a car said “no I don’t wanna be sold to him“ always wonder how much better people like us would do in a world where what we were selling didn’t talk back.

  10. Once I shared an Uber with a group of people who I didn't know well and they started talking about how recruiters are the scum of the earth about 5 minuets in I said I was a recruiter and it was the most awkward and hilarious moment. These guys were mostly packaging engineers from Wisconsin and I'm a big tech recruiter so honestly I know I make way more than them and probably have a much easier job.

  11. I was a bartender/beverage manager for years and was actually recruited by a couple of our customers that owned a management recruiters franchise office. I love bartending. It’s my favorite job in the world but I just can’t make as much money bartending as I can recruiting. Recruiting is my second favorite job and as a bartender I feel like it was an easy transition.

  12. Will do! Would love to pick your brain in the future! I’m just concerned with the work/life balance. Do employers care about your work/life balance? Or is it just as long as you bring in certain level of business you do you in your free time…?

  13. Yes and no. I cant speak for every firm but most of my fellow recruiters (ones I know personally) will tell you the first year is tough. You need to put the 40 in at work and make after hour calls to candidates that cant talk at work. Now, it may be different today then when I started in 97/98 because no cell phones, email,etc but the employers didn’t expect you to work weekends or 7 -7 or anything like that.

  14. I don't really have a good answer for you on that front. You're correct that it doesn't make a lot of logical sense, but then being reactionary isn't a logical stance in the first place. It's an emotional, fear-based one.

  15. It still amazes me the fear of a few trans women is greater than the decades of conservative misogyny and anti-feminism.

  16. I will say that if you read/watch/listen to the TERF scene at all (not that I have a ton of experience, but more than I care to), you often find that a lot of them... aren't really all that feminist? If you let them keep talking, they kinda out themselves as having a number of other problematic reactionary views. Labeling them feminists is doing them a bit of a favor.

  17. I had an old boss who took “nimby” to a new level. They bought a house outside of town on 10 acres. The house was in foreclosure and only 50% finished. They got it for a steal. It was next to a (closed down when they bought) dog kennel/groomer type place. A year or so later someone bought the kennel/dog place and reopened it with doggy day care as well as overnight kennels, training etc. my boss sued them because of dogs barking. They couldn’t “enjoy their property” with the dogs barking. He even mentioned wanting to poison the dogs so they’d get a bad wrap (he was a headless fucking asshole) and other stuff to drive them out of business. The kennel eventually won but not after spending tons in court.

  18. I just watched it and she's not in it lol. You're all just assuming based on nothing.

  19. Scott Lang wasn’t blipped. Wasn’t he stuck because Hank and his wife and wasp were blipped?

  20. Scott lang was In The quantum realn. He solved the whole thing

  21. That had to be wild beyond belief for him. In the realm for a short time and when you come back years have passed and half the world is gone.

  22. Money is something you have in case you don’t die tomorrow

  23. I started my own firm. It’s stupidly easy if you are willing to do 2 things:

  24. Today’s market with a very low unemployment rate this scenario works a little easier. It’s not full proof and he can be a little corny to some people but it’s definitely works for me for many many years.

  25. Right off the bat it’s cheaper. About $40 a month. You also get 20 more in mails if that a value to you. I don’t really use in mail so that didn’t really matter to me.

  26. For perm placement most are similar. Check out KBIC in Dallas. There are a big firm plus they own Sanford Rose and Next Level recruitment training. Pretty sure they have an IT Divsion. Jeff Kaye (the K in KBIC) is an old MRI recruiter. Bob Bassman (the B) was one of the first MRI franchises and that office (it became KBIC) was one of the most successful MRI franchises for many years.

  27. I just read my dads old Fordyce letters from the 90s aside from that Google and shit

  28. Jeez. Fordyce letter. That’s brings back memories. He have Finkel books or videos too?

  29. I saw that. I posted that same comment on that post too. That's why I said (again)

  30. Really? So much of it lines up. The owner is a douche (Google reviews). Message seems legit since op tried to explain he wasn’t who they thought he was. Op doesn’t appear to be a karma whore. 12 hours later “I’m calling the Reddit police” since he probably got notices his reviews were bombing and a some of the newest bad reviews mentioned Reddit.

  31. I dunno man. Why would he be texting someone from the hotel anyway? Has that ever happened to you?

  32. No but, not trying to sound like a douche, I’ve never stayed in a budget hotel. The way the owner attacks bad reviews makes me believe that this isn’t the first time. OP said that bookings (or whatever service he used) asked for a “on a scale of 1-10” rate the hotel for several things like cleanliness, service. Etc and he didn’t write a review.

  33. I’m so glad you got that diagnosis! So many people go undiagnosed their entire lives. Have you found a work flow that works for you?

  34. No degree. Just blood, sweat, and tears in recruiting for the last 20 years.

  35. Baltimore too. as a kid I literally thought wooder and water were different things 😭

  36. Here. This is the epitome of my parents, grandparents, cousins etc. I grew up in Arbutus my dad still lives in Baltimore as does majority of his side of the family

  37. I was considering a Tesla for my next car, but nah.

  38. I was too. For the longest time. I wanted self driving so bad. The others started coming out and in the last year he became a complete ass. Not gonna lie. Love the look of the X but won’t by a single Tesla now.

  39. You mean the "you don't like Tesla? You're a hater!" crowd? Or when anything is said in the negative about him, "You're a shill/hater/..."

  40. What amazes me is how people can’t understand that people change their opinion of individuals when they start doing shitty things or acting shitty. I’ve always wanted a Tesla. I used to think Elon was really cool. I’m 52 fucking years old. But in the last year I kept thinking to myself “what the fuck is he doing“ and now I can honestly admit he’s a complete moron, douche, fuckhead, asshole and I’m not a shill or a hater or anything.

  41. Lol I worked agency for two years and won recruiter of the year my first year, trust me I can hack it. But i hated agency and corporate is much much better. I think most former agency recruiters will tell you that.

  42. Much better? I make between $250,00” and $400,000 a year and I haven’t worked more than 30 hours a week in 11 years.

  43. I wanna make $400k/yr!!!! Teach me your ways! 😭😭😭😭

  44. Engineering and Construction and mfg that is related to engineering and construction

  45. Reads post. Goes to "Recruiter Empire" page on Facebook page. Pulls up cringe worthy videos. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  46. Lol. Nothing of value lost for me just feel bad for all the noobs he's taking advantage of.

  47. 2-3 a month. 20-30 a year depending on size of fee. I want to do 400k a year minimum to be happy.

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