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  1. dude, your perception of tik tok is based on what reddit shows you, if you go on tik tok and look at the skits, they are as good as vines, they have effort, the "tik tok challenges" are a small part of it

  2. Still doesn’t beat the time I walked in on some dude making what I can only assume to be highly illegal drugs in the flooded bathroom.

  3. Or even just the video that you literally just watched right before scrolling through recommended

  4. I started in chronological order, and yakuza 1 was an absolute slog for me. Little did I know how terrible yakuza 3 would be, so I guess that helps Kiwami score some points. Ironically Kiwami 2 is my favorite yakuza by far.

  5. Nope mine is pretty sturdy. If it's brand new Samsung will immediately replace it just call them.

  6. 120 hz, 5G off, Wifi 90% of the time, Screen brightness about 25-30%, Bluetooth off 90% of the time, Location on all the time, NFC on all the time

  7. Use the fast charger but in the settings turn the fast charge off.

  8. I think you misunderstood, I have only one charger. By normal charging I meant the cable charging. So the fast charging works but the cable charging doesn't work properly.

  9. Weird, you'll have to test it with a different charger to know for sure

  10. Mkbhd feels the same about the whole S pen thing and he's actually stuck with the s21 ultra instead. Which honestly, is what I'd do in your situation.

  11. S21fe for the software updates alone. And also I prefer the exynos chip on the s21fe compared go the snapdragon because it's a lot more stable and heats less than the snapdragon 888. Which is a very different story compared to the s20fe.

  12. Set them to unoptimized and in the data settings enable both options

  13. Hate to break it to you but p5r won't be using that much resources. Try emulating it tho that'd be a lot more fun

  14. I don’t know computers, why does it have so many fans if it has one side open

  15. Side is closed. And the 3 fans in the back are pretty much for show, there's little to no benefit having them there.

  16. You guys are getting updates? My S9+ insists that Android 8.0 is the latest android version despite how many times I try to check for updates. Device isn't even rooted either, or I wouldn't be able to check any of my bank information on my phone.

  17. Legit question, are yall just free balling for this bc I see no difference with boxer briefs

  18. Girls aren't certain that you're interested either. The point of the signs is to try and get some confirmation. Girls don't like rejection either.

  19. But they sure do bitch a whole lot when you miss their "signals"

  20. Truly strange turn of events. Isn’t EA blaming Halo Infinite for the BF2042 failed launch?

  21. If you were to want to play on ps5 then just buy the ps4 version with the dlc.

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