1. Nigga said Steph dominated LeBron 3-1. Steph also had another top 15 talent on that team. And he forgot that the 1st series Kevin and Kyrie was hurt, so who knows what would've happen going forward

  2. Rory was wrong as FUCK on this one. Implying that dude is a pedo was waaaay over the line imo. The fact he was acting like dude is ONLY physically attracted to her, and it has to be because of her deformity, is fuckin nuts.

  3. He never said that dude was ONLY into her looks. It's just fucked up

  4. He definitely implied it. And while it absolutely is fucked up because of the outward appearance, that’s exactly why people need to mind their own business.

  5. So its fucked up but we gotta look the other way? Naw. It's the internet and you're a viral celeb. It happens.

  6. So with the fall of Trauka, only Bunbun and Nevartan are left? They haven't mentioned the other ones, I assumed there'd be one for the 5 elements

  7. Justice for real. And he would get so pissed off at the durability he'd do worse than he did to Cos

  8. that would be impressive. the abundance of it on top makes me think it was not vomit. unless you had like a gallon of throw up going at like 10mph i don’t know if that’s possible. i also don’t really see any significant chunks, and yes ik not all throw up has chunks, but i see bubbles. most likely coffee

  9. You saying you got the idea off 4chan is enough of an explanation for this

  10. Tbh idk why he's even on a list. His 800 wins is probably cause he beat up high schoolers

  11. I could see myself naming my dog Jigsaw. But I'd prefer a single syllable name so idk

  12. People, Saturn is his given name. The family name is Jaygarcia. It's like Luffy was called Nika and just so happened to eat the model Nika fruit. Also yes, one ancient weapon is a person, but the other we already know for certain is a warship and given the development with Sabo we can assume the third one is also mechanical.

  13. I'm with you man. Idk why everyone is running with the name thing. Too many discrepancies with what characters we already know

  14. Nitoku don't get enough love man he did really well in his debut

  15. It's almost like the patch notes aren't pinned at the top of this sub, or that the first line in those potential patch notes doesn't directly address this question... oh right, the pinned thread does exist and the first line does specifically address this 😒

  16. Its almost like you didn't have to even leave a comment... oh right, you didn't have to

  17. I'm going for Yura but that's cause their early start. They developed in game and IRL, they fight, help eachother, then work together. Yura helped him get through his trauma irl early on too. But that's just why I feel like it.

  18. Wow. This is nice. Yeah I'd say soul, it's hard to get any better

  19. You can add up 3 to 4 of these characters into panels, and it wouldn't even match to Edward or Lius amount. We haven't seen shit on them so how can we even gauge their strength?

  20. All I see is a waste of money in drinks and someone getting hurt. Both of which are no no fun :(

  21. Yeah and Heineken is premium beer. A 12 pack in Canada is 25 bucks. I was sad for the beer but it's off put by the knockout.

  22. Honestly... this kinda scares me in a way. He can twist effortlessly and more than anyone, the "hole" it leaves would probably be your whole torso size instead of the Kiryu ones.

  23. The alcohol might hit too. If he doesn't sleep he might as well just drink for 3. That's 9 people in pirate world

  24. Its nice cause you can tell they're rivals and they're gonna compete somehow and at least respect the others contributions

  25. My headcanon is that Jurota just has really shitty reflexes and didn't see the punch until it was already stopped

  26. Funny cause I went the opposite. I feel like Jurota was gonna throw him by the arm as soon as it was too close.

  27. He is and isnt. Joe doesn't want so much of his opinions questioned imo, he's outnumbered now since Ice Ish and now Flip will call him out. M4 says her own shit so he only has Parks to agree with him.

  28. Idk to me I can see the ends of her hair so the difference is clear. It's a close color but I'm sure it's not her hair that's binding her. It also doesn't even make sense.

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