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Nahida Gameplay via Ubatcha

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  1. I think casual players hate abyss not because it's difficult but because it's plain DPS check that requires tons of grind. I wish it'd be more like Dark Souls when you have to think rather than mindlessly click the enemy to death

  2. There is a bit of skill in abyss if you don't have super OP meta teams.

  3. Brother if your units are stacked it should take you at most like 20 minutes . It resets like once a week or is it 2? Don’t remember well, but you make it sound like doing it will make you lose sleep or something

  4. It resets every 15 days, 20 min every 2 weeks sounds reasonable to me.

  5. This, tbh. If I want to play something hard or challenging, I'll go play Dark Souls/Elden Ring until I'm ready to smash my controller. Abyss is a huuuuuuuuuge chore, and I dread the reset.

  6. After playing consistently long enough, abyss reset is just a glorious day when you casually destroy everything and get 600 primos.

  7. Never thought the day would come when my Keqing will outclass my meta teams on abyss. Especially 12-3-2. She's legit the only one who can fight that something matrix

  8. Heck she is even better than my Cyno right now, she doesn't have long burst duration and Can be swaped anytime.

  9. I think I’m most surprised that 25.5% of the Cyno owners were confident enough in their builds to use Cyno. I felt like the scarab hunt struggle would slow them down a little haha.

  10. I used him in the second half and he completely annihilate bosses. My TF set is trash and I use Blackcliff pole. The scarabs were a bit tedious but you eventually get all of them with coop.

  11. Kazuha is like future safe unless they release someone who could not only have more utility but also buff more

  12. I would put him in the other half :)

  13. Keqing is now really good in aggravate teams, while Diluc is still the same as before.

  14. Hi, I wanted to know if I can charge my "JBL live 660 BTNC" using my phone adapter. The thing is that it's a fast charging adapter for Redmi note 8 pro. The power supply for these headphones is 5V 1A but the adpater specs are :

  15. Weak! I would go anyway running around in the desert with Sayu and Yelan. That's what I did to raise Cyno to 90

  16. guys how tf are we getting out baka’d by literally everyone everyday?

  17. Maybe we are the more intelligent people nowadays

  18. It's WAY worse than onikabuto trust me I lnow what I am talking about

  19. If you know you can gather everything then it's fine to prefarm. I already knew it was gonna be scarab chasing but I sure didn't expect it to be THIS HARD FFS!!!

  20. i understand... i can't even join other peoples world cause they always decline and if they don't their desert isn't even explored to do it

  21. Her kit sounds really OP ngl, I will pull 100% but honestly I am tired of losing so many 50/50, Today was my 10th 50/50 lost in a ROW.

  22. I'm almost the opposite. My Cyno is stuck lv. 50 but ironically making the exploration a bit more fun cause I can actually do combat without one shottimg everything.

  23. Can't do shit if Fischl kills everything :(

  24. maybe hoyoverse planned this and put sayu on the banner for this exact reason LOL (jk, but dune buggy sayu is carrying my exploration fr)

  25. I got her C10 on this banner, of course I am using her!!

  26. Keqing is the third best Aggravate character available right now (after Cyno and Yae), especially with Fischl.

  27. From my experience Keqing is at least the second best, Miko isn't fast enough. I am still looking for kind stranger to let me pick their scarabs.

  28. Aaru village, his name is Nawaz. You can find him running around that waterfall like temple(?)

  29. You have my upvote kind stranger

  30. I also have bad news.... my account got hacked 1 day before the anniversary. The only character that I wanted the most after I watched the first trailer back when it was released the first time(day 2 traveler). now I will have to wait for some time to recover it with the hoyoverse support. I will probably play genshin again when I recover it and wait for Cyno rerun to 9/9/9 90 him, but if I cant recover it, imma retire and return to living before genshin came out. Rip anniversary rewards T-T

  31. Did you do something risky for your account? I am kinda worried for me too

  32. I just hope she has good off-field Dendro application. That's what Dendro lack's the most atm.

  33. Dendro MC is pretty good in my opininion but a little bit of healing would be welcome for my aggravate team.

  34. Gonna make a Genshin hater starter pack after this. Both sides need to get equal shit.

  35. "aLL GenShIt pLayErs ARe PeDOs !!!!" I don't even know where this come from and I play the game since launch.

  36. Soon you will kill them blindfolded without even dodging.

  37. could be related to her burst providing up to 3 effects based on if you have pyro/electro/hydro in team (from ubatcha)

  38. That sounds way too good for a C1, that's disgusting.

  39. I think it's better without 4 pc EOSF, your ER is really low so you are not really taking advantage of it's effect, maybe 2pc Noblesse and 2pc Millelith ?

  40. Help, I can't breathe!!! Holy shit I didn't expect that

  41. I don’t know if I will call it power creep yet. I personally think this sounds more like a c6 or c4 being available at c2. Similar to Raiden’s C4 switching places with C2 back before her release (def shred was originally c4 for anyone who doesn’t know). This will Definitely sky rocket Nahida to S++ tier if it holds true though.

  42. Maybe Hydro archon will make electro charge crit with more targets, Freeze last 2 sec longer, Vaporize X3 and Melt X4.

  43. Ahhhhh open up new elements to the original reactions! I love it.

  44. If it's not locked into a C2 then yes that would be awesome.

  45. Bro, this is way too OP, just ignore ATK and build a maximum of EM and Crit.

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