1. I also broke my 60 hour fast today! This morning I felt so bad and I needed to eat something. Wanted 72 but for my health and wellbeing I broke it. I did need the bathroom right after my lunch though, weird how that works.

  2. Does anyone know why that happens? I ended up in the bathroom three times last night... and I had a small amount of food and went slow.

  3. Check out fasting Jess on you tube she did rolling 48s and came down with motility problems.

  4. I just noticed your post. I'm 70 hours in on a water fast. A large cup of green tea in the am. Then, I keep refilling it for the rest of the day. My bare minimum goal is 64 ounces but usually end up over a hundred. Last night, while I was sleeping, my body really ached. I took some potassium, magnesium, and pink salt. Drank a glass of water and went back to bed repeated the electrolytes when I got up. I've been doing them 2X per day until then. Today, my knees, which were replaced a year ago, are really sore.About 75% more than normal. Do your aches and pains happen during fasting? Do they subside while fasting? I would love some clarification. This is my first extended fast. Keto/omad the rest of the time.

  5. Mine are bad at the start of fasting. I have only ever done to 48 hours. At first I ache everyplace. Headache, back pain etc.

  6. Yes - I saved a ton of money doing Alternate Day fasting and that was some of the hope of doing it.

  7. No it takes time for your body to adjust. The MATADOR study showed on average 14 to 21 days. I suspect it has to do with food in your digestive tract. Your body senses less food in the digestive tract and starts reducing metabolism. But it doesn't do that short term.

  8. Not really. Other than eating more food and gaining weight.

  9. Yes... but honestly I find it does keep it down for about 6 weeks...

  10. Might I suggest The Fatburn Fix by Dr. Cate Shanahan. She goes into why our body loses the ability to burn fat for energy

  11. From looking at it, it seems like keto. That doesn't work for me. I have tested my body and the insulin theory doesn't seem to work at all. That being that insulin must be low for you to lose weight. Well of course ADF does that but by the end of that period my body was at a fasting insulin of 2. Which is low. Yet I was completely stuck. In general I have always had good insulin and, I am guessing, Metabolic health. In fact, I had some hint that my metabolism was adjusting down as the longer I did ADF the lower my ketosis seemed to be. That happens a lot in Keto. They "influencers" will tell you that is normal but I think it happens because the metabolism is going down and thus, you aren't burning as much fat.

  12. It could be hormonal then. Have you seen a functional medicine doctor?

  13. Why do republicans always focus on this? I Mean this is why we lose. This is the only thing most people get... they need to cut spending on wars and rumors of wars.

  14. Not particularly. Though you need to get checked out. And ENT can do a small scope up your nose and check your throat immediately at the doctors appointmnent. The small scope is no big deal. I had that and all was clear. It just goes to your voice box.

  15. If you pass in a hospital or hospice likely they will fill you with drugs so you won't even be aware. My mom passed on morphine and she was out of it.

  16. Sorry but I don't believe this. We are programmed to not die, our bodies want to survive. If dying meant the release of endorphins then humans would have killed themselves long ago lol

  17. Ok, believe what you want but many people do fast for the euphoria it has

  18. Big Pharma. I used to think that lower was always better but I am not questioning that. First there are lot of deaths from falling in the elderly, usually due to low BP. At the same time your BP goes up as you age... not a ton, but it seems that the body understands you need higher BP as you age. So the question has to be .... how could that also harm you? And maybe it doesn't. Maybe the problems currently laid at the feet of high blood pressure -- heart failure, strokes, heart attacks ARE NOT CAUSED by high BP. We already have evidence that some of this is caused by high sugar which goes hand and hand with high BP.

  19. A stroke, MI or CHF can definitely be caused by undiagnosed hypertension. Hypertension over time causes weakening of vessels and arteries leading to a stroke or heart attack. It is also a significant risk factor for developing CHF.

  20. I don't believe it, necessarily. Of course massive high blood pressure 190/80 can be an issue but the run of the mill 130/80... not necessarily buying it.

  21. They offered him a cushy contract, and he declined. The Blaze let his contract expire (or whatever happened with them…maybe they were pissed he was comparison shopping), so he threw a hissy fit about it after Daily Wire decided he wasn’t worth more than the initial $50 million offer.

  22. I hope I'm not vitamin d deficient. I really don't go outside too much like I should. I'm making it a daily one hour thing now

  23. You need to get tested. You can order your own labs at places like Ulta labs or Grassroots health.

  24. Me too! And people who don't have this problem will NEVER understand or admit it could be true.

  25. I bet 90 % of the people in the thread didn't even know this was a possible reason for their high blood pressure. Given how common high BP is, this could be millions of people.

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