1. Simplify graphics my dude. Checkbox in bottom left

  2. I don’t think cutting wildflowers is illegal, maybe for commercial use

  3. If it makes you feel better the urban Texanlegend is still alive cuz my 7 year old told me it was illegal the other day

  4. This sassy receptionist lady at the vet calls all the pets male owners daddy and I think she knows what she’s doing

  5. No but to go full sad boy I would say that getting rejected by a couple of girls in high school that completely broke my heart prepared me more for this job then I ever could of imagined at the time.

  6. Nice dude this I also why I’m dead inside I think

  7. Jesus Christ y’all glazing tf outta this man, what other fan base makes a highlight reel of their GM 😭😭

  8. Texans did and it’s the same shot quality so I’m wondering if there’s a GM insta person out there

  9. I'm going to have to fucking re-memorize half our defense just based on today alone, Jesus Christ.

  10. It’s funny based on your flair. You should know Omenihu pretty well

  11. I just meant that he was on the Texans before San Fran

  12. I think my adhd/add will not appreciate that but I can see how it could be useful

  13. Yeah but if this is after a loss, a winning night at the club is gonna be nuts. But fr, he's not going broke before most of us. Still I can't imagine dropping that kind of loot for some strange and chicken wings. I guess I've matured in my middle age.



  16. Very well put. Seen some terrible reps do well with the right territory and timing and seen some amazing reps fail due to bad territory and timing

  17. Talent can't overcome bad timing and a shit territory, and nor should it.

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