Campfire Invites MegaThread—Pay it Forward

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  • By - TAZ68

  1. I once got ground meat there that had pieces of blue rubber… I’m guessing a glove got ground up.

  2. PSA: You're not actually stacking Super Rocket Radars. You're actually stacking Special Research that happen to award Super Rocket Radars.

  3. I’ve been reading this over and over trying to understand… don’t go past page 1… but then how do the super rocket radars get awarded? 😵‍💫

  4. The Rocket radar gets awarded in the next pages. This is a SPECIAL research. Not a TIMED. So it starts on your account until you complete it. You don't go to the next step to make sure you don't receive the radar until you want it. When you do claim it, it gives you the most recent Giovanni shadow.

  5. Thank you!! I was having a “wait explain it to me like I’m 4” moment.

  6. Hello! I would love an invite! I have been playing off and on since pogo came out and have really gotten into it over the past few months. After struggling finding ultra beast raids being apart of campfire would help greatly. I am more than happy to pay my invites forward to people who need it.

  7. This cat comes up a lot on this subreddit (see my post history)

  8. This is not that same cat. That cat is on 28th ave and 33rd street.

  9. This person really played the “Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama” card.

  10. I used it for the first time lately. Pretty cool imo. You wait in the queue, then you get the host’s friend code to add. Others join, et voilà. Right now I’m in a pheromosa raid queue.. I’m number 13.,507 out of 20,000…

  11. I’ve thought of this… like could someone stalk and kill you based on your gifts that show the poke stops you are near.. then just wait outside for someone to walk around playing Pokémon… maybe I am being too paranoid.

  12. Damn bro.. no one joined.. we almost had it… what is wrong with people…

  13. People added from this board left the raid with 2 seconds to spare 💩

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