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  1. I knew an older woman named Pearl Harper. Seriously? That stinks to have a name associated with that.

  2. Full benefits, consistent pay, and being treated like adults. This isn't the case for everyone. I know that some people do like rewards and contests, but I find them insulting. Just provide people with a living wage, health benefits, time off and a respectful work environment and they will be happy. Throwing a Starbucks card at someone when the other things aren't happening is just a bandage

  3. You can all skip the raised planter, we got two of those last year and even after reinforcing everything due to the crappy staples that hold it together, all of the wood dried out and cracked apart after 2 months

  4. Same thing happened to mine! They were POS, how sad Aldi.

  5. Apparently women giving birth / the birthing process is a fetish.

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