1. It is actually really good. The first few days you may have side effects, but they do go away. It helps a ton with anxiety. I also take propranolol for headaches/anxiety, gabapentin (for anxiety), and klonopin (for social anxiety and panic attacks). This combo has helped me a ton. I do recommend that you take it at night as it will make you tired.

  2. The first days were rough in terms of headache, nausea and anxiety but they start to slowly decrease in 2, 3... I'm on my 5th week and the only persistent side effect is the blurry vision. But don't worry, you might get lucky and feel no side effects at all. And as a personal tip, don't look to much to this sub as it's more like a place for people to complain about it whereas in most cases it works and people don't even want to comment about it bc they got back to life. Good luck, bro! 😀

  3. Thanks man! Yes you are right, its probably the majority of people who feels better and not making posts about Anxiety anymore 👍

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