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  1. Not being able to mitigate a DDOS attack for that long is being unprepared. An hour or two, sure. But that was absurd.

  2. If a big company can't mitigate some basement dweller having a fit on their servers, that's not even being unprepared, it's being blatantly stupid.

  3. Maybe it's not because multiple other games have been working fine, hell I've literally been connected to my party chat for all time I've been on it, if it was my Internet I'd have been disconnected from that as well as with other online games I've played, congrats it works sweet for you but that doesn't automatically negate the fact that shit is still not in a good state.

  4. Holy shit you've gotten into a game???

  5. I got disconnected from 7 out of 10 today, they can get off their arse an address the community as well as be more prompt at updating what they are even doing with said situations/issues.

  6. Original estimates were 5-20 minutes, but unfortunately now it's really hard to tell. Hopefully it'll be a bit better as time goes by.

  7. Servers should have been better tested for this, Overwatch is a huge name, so no way huge numbers weren't expected, but having this happen is a sure fire way to get people talking for attention about it an look like shiny white knights when it's fixed 😂

  8. With the amount of games of theirs this happened to, you'll excuse me if I leave the world's smallest violin in my cupboard

  9. You can't, that's PC only an the people keep saying "JuSt ChAnGe SeRvEr" should be stating that

  10. The reason it's hard to find is because it's not actually available until later this afternoon.

  11. I can't find it in UK either, but a friend is downloading it right now... not sure how.

  12. If its a 10 year plan for Kasuga I wish they'd have not done the whole prison thing again, I'll buy every game regardless, just wish we could see these characters grow from the start of their Yakuza life till whenever that actually ended.

  13. The Netflix obsession with all of a sudden is both cringe and sad, if Evan Peters wasn't in it wouldn't be such a big thing atm, the film was a better examination of how messed up he was and the path that he was on to get to that point.

  14. This subreddit is a bunch of people consistently whining for sometimes reasonable other times outrageous bs yet contiguously obsessing over FUT like a full-time job and having mental breakdowns over a 30-minute server outage.

  15. If people can't see how bullshit it all is, they probably think JD Sports is the only place you can buy clothes, they don't have the mentality to see what a basic shit heap the games are 😂

  16. 9 out of 10 for me, love the variety in leagues/nations, would be a 10 but you've got Pogba in there an I'll never care for what his stats are in either football game, he's a disgusting player in real life and I wish a witch doctor cast a spell on him instead 😏😂

  17. They will drop epic Cruijff or Vieira today to lure ppl back from fifa 23

  18. Not exactly hard, rather play a more relaxed football game than that shit that's already infested with fifa points spenders and Ultimate Edition clowns

  19. A “relaxed” football game where a user dies of boredom, nontent every single week, dodgy and faulty defending of the highest order, and nothing to do offline. Nope lad, people are enjoying FIFA 23 much more.

  20. and the haters say this is the worst fifa every year, it's literally all people do. The vast, vast majority are fine with somethings, don't like others but don't bitch about it all the time. The problem is that people treat fifa like it's the only game they should play so they care wayyyy too much about it. Mix in some other games, don't care about getting the best FUT team, and you'll be fine

  21. Literally this, FIFA isn't the only thing in the world, an if you base your personality around this entire game you might as well just join a cult, it's that level of creepy and stupid.

  22. yes probably not! but i hope i still do and tbf ea is getting so much shit every year, they deserve some praise if they do things right

  23. Dude, it's gonna get sunk hard with patches by November at least for when the Black Friday buyers all jump on, but let's be honest, what "changes" are even in atm, you literally had to look with the James Webb telescope didn't you because they are that small and minor? 🤔

  24. I'll drop if I have and people ask, but still in my experience hardly any Support actually uses support abilities in relation to healing the team, just swings a weapon and shoots a gun, so far as I'm concerned I'm gonna keep making myself as a priority till I see a change in my experience.

  25. I think at the start he was memes for sure, chased after me in a car beeping. At the book though, we body blocked and spammed heavy attacks, finished with just under a quarter health left on the book haha, what a stupid game. I was a little sad to see a bit of flashlight clicking from the team though

  26. Honestly, the more people talk about how clicking is some kind of grievance or annoying for them, the more people are gonna learn an do it to feed their arrogant egos, an for this to all turn into Toxic By Daylight 2.0

  27. Bro really be writing books on reddit lmfao I think I did a pretty good job actually you even told me all of your life experiences without me doing shit. Ok then bye bye hope you enjoyed the view pendejito 😉

  28. Both of you drop the damn argument, if you comment you're supposed to be providing help, not be an obnoxious ass, which goes for the both of you just purely trying to get last words in like some petty relatives arguing.

  29. i cant tell if you are trolling or not because you're typing like a redditor overlord.

  30. People like you act like you can't play something else, or you won't be able to breathe in air if you miss FIFA for a year, paying full price for the same shit every year makes you all look stupid af

  31. u have to be trolling with these takes lol

  32. You ha e to be in denial knowing you're one of them type of people an it hurts knowing how shallow you are paying for same shit every year but happy to run off an moan about the game every time.

  33. It's just EA being shit as per usual, hence why I went with 10 hour trial, ain't paying for this shit till it drops in price I'm not a mug 😂

  34. Literally see all the same comments now as FIFA last year and the FIFA before that an the one before that it'll all change by November.

  35. It's some gimp of a youtuber that bare people get gassed about for no reason besides him screaming an shouting unnecessarily

  36. It took me literally years to figure out that YT, meta tactics usually hurt me more than they help me.

  37. Countless people don't even realise that those tactics are doing then more harm than good, for sure its gonna work for people that like to play similar to these people, so many copy them thinking it's gonna get them as good, get a few straight wins under their belt and think it automatically works when in fact, it's likely still doing them more harm when they could still win by more, or do it with even less of a struggle.

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