1. Please wait for a response in the Simple Questions thread before making a dedicated post, it helps keep things organized. I will copy and paste my response here for clarity:

  2. Is the riser cable included in the sandwich version not gen4 pcie?

  3. The case can come with a Gen 3 cable or a Gen 4 cable depending on what you order. The Gen 4 cable is $30 more expensive.

  4. Thanks! I will definitely be buying two fans, forgot to include them because I hadn't done research on that part yet haha, but I know either noctua or phanteks fans would be a good option. I'm a bit hesitant about AIO if air cooling is already sufficient, just something for my peace of mind. And I will look into 600W PSU, but if the price difference is not that big I'd go with the current one, I had bad experience in the past where my PSU couldn't handle sudden power spikes even though it was more than enough for my build so I want to be on the safer side.

  5. I wouldn't go with a 600w PSU. The SF750 is the GOAT when it comes to SFX PSUs. Super quiet, and super reliable. People run 5950x + 3090 systems off of it no problem, so you have a lot of room to upgrade when or if you want to.

  6. There is no EU warehouse for the T1. It would end up being more expensive to stock them in a warehouse in the EU, compared to just shipping them out from China.

  7. Which case format to buy for my gpu?

  8. That GPU will only fit in the Sandwich version, so get that. I'd also get a Gen 4 PCIe cable so you don't run into any communication problems.

  9. Thank you! What do you recommend in that category of 240 AIO for the v1.1. I understand things may have changed and new models come out ?

  10. Same recommendations as the v2.0, the H100i pro XT if you want a high level of control, or the Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP if you want simplicity.

  11. the switch position is correct, as is the plastic piece. The problem is with the liquid electrical tape they use, i've read a few users have the issue have found too much has been applied and hence blocking the button from being pressed.

  12. Correct. They go quite heavy with the liquid tape, so cutting some away is what many people have done to get the click of the button back. This is the first time I've seen it so heavily applied that it prevents the button from working altogether though.

  13. Ok I swapped to two 15mm noctuas for my setup. Appreciate the feedback, I would have never caught that.

  14. If you're putting the fans on top, then you'll need two slim fans. But then you aren't using a full sized fan, and lose out on quite a bit of performance because of it.

  15. When did you place this order? It's possible you didn't actually order it, but only took part in the Interest Check, which made you go through the order process, but wouldn't actually take any money from your account (it only sent a bank authorization, but FormD didn't accept, so the authorization expired and the money was released back into your account)

  16. Can you confirm if its more clearing in the v2? Basically run same setup, but with spacing to avoid the noise..

  17. I'm not sure what you mean. In the v2.0, you have an extra 4mm of height above the motherboard compared to the v1.1 to work with, which allows you to add washers to space the fan away from the motherboard. In the v1.1, you only have 42mm of height above the motherboard, so you can't space the fan away from the motherboard like you can in the v2.0.

  18. That was the answer I needed. As of now, are there any plans regarding upcoming pieces for the v2? Or is there a v3 in the pipeline?

  19. By upcoming pieces, do you mean accessories? Quite a few of them are currently on the site and go in and out of stock frequently (like the handle kit and front I/O kit). Things like alternate front and side panels are being worked on. There are no plans right now to make a new version of the case.

  20. Any rough ballpark as to when the M1 EVO might come out?

  21. The highest power SFX PSUs on the market right now are 850w PSUs, with SFX-L units going to 1000w. The SF750 is a champ, and handles 3090 + 5900x builds without a sweat, but for a 13900k and a 4090, I think it would meet it's maker.

  22. Hi, I was wondering if the 3080 Ti vision from Gigabyte will fit in the Formd T1? The site says 140 x 325mm which should imply it fits. However, I saw an older gpu compatibility table list the 3080 vision (same dimensions, i believe) as not compatible? I’m looking to build in the T1 so any help would be greatly appreciated

  23. It should fit. It's possible you found a list for the v1.1, not the v2.0. The v2.0 (which is on the site right now) is the one on the site right now.

  24. Any compatibility for the v2 on 6950xt cards?

  25. Quite a few probably fit. We have a spec sheet for the case in the sidebar, which will tell you the dimensions for what cards can fit in the case. You can check out the SFF PC Master List for a list of GPUs and their dimensions.

  26. You can always find another spot for it, like mounting it in front of the motherboard, or taping it elsewhere in the case. If it's all solid state, which it looks like it is, it won't mind being taped some random spot in the case.

  27. We have a link in the sidebar showing you how to make a custom loop in the T1, and what some of the benefits are. It's a bit outdated, but with the T1 v2.0 SW, you can fit a TX240 radiator with 25mm thick fans, which means you can get an even quieter build than an AIO + Air Cooled build, if you pick the right parts.

  28. I believe you’re experiencing what I assume is a permutation of assembly. Little torque here, a few thou out of square there, and 15 components later you’ve got a 20 thou gap. Maybe the torque you put on the components yourself are enough to produce this error? Because no amount of machining could be precise enough to: 1. Be convenient to assemble and 2. Not produce a tiny gap of this size.

  29. This is what I believe. Having rebuilt this case a few times, my first build did not have that gap, but my second one did. I believe it is due to the struts being installed ever so slightly differently, making the front panel come out of alignment. Rebuilding the case again, but this time pushing the back and front panels towards each other alleviated this problem.

  30. Definitely won’t fit because of where the tubes come out

  31. Correct. The height of the card is already at the limits for what the T1 can support, so the tubes would put it way over.

  32. This is normal. Once you put the motherboard in, it will sit flush.

  33. The 4080/4090 won’t fit into the Formd T1, will they?

  34. We simply don't know anything about how the 4080/90 will perform under real world conditions in terms of power usage right now, so we cannot answer questions like this accurately. We could see the SF750 be enough for high end builds like that, or it might not be enough. We will have to wait and see, no point planning right now when the cards are so far out and we still dont have real world data for them.

  35. You can't see the riser once everything is installed unless you're looking up the bottom of the case. I'm not sure I see the problem with a blue riser.

  36. So I ordered a vertical stand and side radiator/fan bracket and I wanted to ask about a new airflow path. I plan on having my front fans (blue arrows on the right) as an intake, adding the bracket to the GPU side for a second intake, and to flip my PSU to pull more air in from the side, then to have all of the heat be exhausted out of the top (Red arrows up top) and out of the cpu side. Is this a good idea?

  37. Without the hollow front panel, you can't exhaust out the top.

  38. What reminds me... Will Wahaha make the original mesh frontal panel? I remember a frontal mesh panel in the early renders of the V2?

  39. I'm not sure. It might be an option when purchasing the hollow front panel

  40. We don't know how the 4090 will perform thermally, let alone in an SFF case, with a 750w PSU. Just too many things we don't know right now.

  41. There's a chance, but there's no point speculating about it because we still know basically nothing.

  42. Barrow does not perform well. Rule that one out.

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