1. The first idea that springs to my mind is this:

  2. That is one of the least poggers things I've ever seen.

  3. If anyone is interested in a potential solution to this problem beyond memeing check out David Wong's work on pluralistic moral relativism.

  4. Cultsim is pretty obviously balanced around the inexperienced player. There are various dead ends and sub optimal early game strategies because part of the fun and challenge of the game is meant to be working out what the optimal actions to take are.

  5. Could God create a paradox so convoluted even he couldn't solve it?

  6. The ambiguity is the charm of the games IMO. I don't think I'd be interested if everything was clearly spelled out in a wiki somewhere, but that's just personal preference.

  7. If you've run out of Forge followers to exalt you can follow the long, convoluted path of sending the weary detective mad to make him a Rival, allowing him to complete expeditions so he grows in power, and then recruiting him. Counts as an Exalted follower I believe.

  8. I agree however there are multiple discreet positions you have to ascribe to to buy into the idea of the basilisk even being possible.

  9. Point 5 hits the nail on the head. Roko's Basilisk just isn't a compelling idea because the AI really has nothing to gain by following through on the torture plan. Since it has no actual power to effect events in the past, if it's rational there's no reason for it to waste resources on tormenting simulants, since it already exists, so presumably someone already took the actions required to build it.

  10. Borges also wrote "The Library of Babel" which has many themes consistent with Alexis Kennedy's writings.

  11. The name "The Mother if Ants" is also cribbed directly from a Borges story.

  12. Each level of fascination your character has boosts the indicated skills by 10 and gives a penalty of 10 to dread marked skills. (and vice versa)

  13. Where are the Rising Spider and the Blackbone from? Are they mentioned in the lady afterwards or book of hours leaks, I've never heard of them before.

  14. The Rising Spider is in some prerealease lore for cultist sim, mentioned only as a contrast to the Crowned Growth, and a post in the Weather Factory catalogue. All we know is that it desires dominion and "Climbs Ceaselessly" (there's a nursery rhyme about it). The Blackbone is from some heavily redacted dev notes AK revealed for Book of Hours. All we know is that it has something to do with the crushing depths of the sea.

  15. Op, admit it, you wrote those "corrections" on that essay yourself so you could score cheap internet points.

  16. The Pale isn't some kind of weird fog people are worried about, the Pale is the places where reality just stops being reality.

  17. I think it works better if you swap the positions of Slavoj and Chris-Chan.

  18. Bezos is obviously a Forge Long. Super rich, hairless and imperishable. Remakes bridges.

  19. "Last night I visited the Drive Thru, which is both within the restaurant (for the kitchen) and without (for service.) The shareholders have charged the Colonel with it's defence, even the Clown does not challenge him here. Grease is the chiefest aspect of this place. The customers thrive where wings end, but they can also be ended, and they must, if the Chickens are to endure. This morning, the greasy remnants of the Colonel's handiwork still lie in my stomach."

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