1. I see width in the ribcage, a shorter vertical line, shorter arms, more muscular looking. I think you're in the N fam :) pure natural isn't in use anymore but there's no harm in trying the recs

  2. I do have shiny hair but it's due to my Asian genes lol. I haven't noticed any effects of consuming oil yet except a feeling of satiety

  3. So cute. May your son return to you safe and healthy :)

  4. Hello Lottie. Your concern isn't stupid don't worry :) always remember that things in real life are not half as bad as the thoughts in your head. You acknowledged them with a greeting, it's good. Maybe next time you could stop to chat w them for a few minutes? Perhaps something you guys have been texting in the gc that one of your new friends created? If not, you could talk about something in common

  5. A pediatrician maybe if you love kids and also want to earn well

  6. Nasi goreng w fried egg and chips!

  7. I noticed the width of your ribcage first. have you looked into SN?

  8. The first picture shows how tiny Christina Aguilera really is. It doesn't read "intentionally oversized" to me, but rather like she raided her mom's closet. Perhaps there's a sizing issue as well.

  9. I'm a right + up in Rita's system and the rich elegant lady aesthetic is very fitting. If you follow her on Instagram (which i recommend) she has divided the essences into higlights

  10. It's okay to take rest and recuperate my dear. You've been working so hard and I'm tremendously proud of you. I know some days are tougher than others. Please know that you are never alone during those tougher days. Please reach out for help. You are so loved and appreciated. Please take better care of yourself. I'm always one text away. There is always hope for a better tomorrow. Love, mom.

  11. Hi there dearie, how has your day been? Is your health fine? :)

  12. Suggested reading without thinking you have to do anything right away. Just file the information away and let the dots connect.

  13. Dissociation is a coping mechanism of our brains. It sucks but in a way it wants to protect you. Sometimes facing trauma head on is too much. I don't know your trauma, I don't know your dissociation and its triggers. But working through huge trauma topics is exhausting and doing it all at once unfeasable. Maybe start with adjacant topics and see how you react to that. As an example slightly following oversharing, feel free to ignore everything that follows. I was emotionally neglected and not maliciously emotionally abused. As a whole that is a lot to unpack, so my therapist and I went through aspects of it, like a question concerning a topic: what made you distrust them e.g. or a memory at a time like the time when I as a teen opend up how the EN and EA hurt me and it resulted in gaslighting and verbal aggression, or an aspect of a memory like what did I feel in that moment and what would I say to the me back then.

  14. I went through the same thing when I was younger, little one. I didn't have the capacity to forgive my ex for something he did. We dragged it on after that. Breaking up, getting back together. Hurting each other. Hurting myself. Sometimes as much as we want to we cannot repair trust. Take everything you've learned from this relationship and apply it to your next one. You won't be starting from scratch, hon.

  15. This is late but thank you mum. I broke up with him. It's been almost a month now and I'm doing better than i thought i would be. It gets difficult sometimes but i am trying to persevere.

  16. Leo moon in 12H here. I feel lonely mostly but when I'm sad, i tend to try filling my mind with distractions- mostly shopping, astrology, fashion etc etc. I also tend to shut off my feelings to some extend, never truly feeling all of what I'm feeling. Sometimes though not often, I'll cry but not for long unless i have full privacy and freedom from any intrusions and unwanted questions which is rare. SOMETIMES if it's really bad I'll journal my feelings. I only do so when I'm extremely down. I don't tend to tell my close friends or anyone else. Rather i prefer to ignore those feelings as much as i can. I can safely say that I've never felt my feelings in depth. There's no room for it in my life. I think I'd crumble if i let myself do that. Most of the time i don't know what i am feeling so i tend to sit with those unknown feelings and wait for them to pass.

  17. Hello, my moon sign is Aries, house 11. When I'm sad, I think about the sadness, reflecting on what specific things are making me sad and either finding a "good side" for the sadness or just letting myself cry my sadness away. Sometimes when I feel like it, I put on a sad playlist and just start remembering he things that made me sad and I just lay down and stop everything for a moment, because that helps me feel refreshed somehow.

  18. I'm a 12H Leo moon but i handle my sadness in similar ways :)

  19. I know! They have some beautiful dresses

  20. I made a thread of some of the housecb dresses, you might want to take a look!

  21. Bae is his surname. His name is Yong Joon

  22. My god i thought i was the only one who had such feelings. Thank you for posting

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