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  1. I do not get it. Maybe it is a cumulative "hate" regarding young girl(s) and mysticism/magik in combination with drug use? I have no clue, since all of this could apply to other musicians of the time as well.

  2. Yeah I agree. We should absolutely be hating on him for his relationship with Lori Maddox, we should absolutely be calling him out for stealing blues songs, but addiction is a disease, and making fun of someone for a heroin addiction that wrecked their life for a good 10 years is a crass and cruel thing to do. Especially when people just tear apart his playing and criticize every little mistake he made because he was on drugs. Way the way he’s ripped apart post 1977, you’d think everyone on this sub was a pro guitarist with incredible technique

  3. The way Page approaches that b7 in the second phrase of the solo always has be absolutely sobbing

  4. He seemed like such a sweetheart when he wasn’t drunk. Always the first person to be there for Robert whenever he needed it

  5. My golden retriever loves stairway! He’ll always come up to the guitar and put his head in my lap when I play it

  6. They are not even close to the most famous classic rock band. Rolling Stones and Beatles are way more famous. And yeah Bonham is great but that doesn’t make up for horrible mixing, production and sloppy guitar playing

  7. Was it? Or is it because Page was to fucked up to play

  8. After 1977, it was 100% because he was out of his mind with drugs and very sick and unhealthy, but I’m more thinking about tracks like heartbreaker, where the sloppiness is part of the sound of the song

  9. I think he helped create some of the guitar parts for the songs written at Bron-Yr-Aur bc I know both Robert and Jimmy were messing around with acoustic guitars on their walks/hikes and stuff, but I don’t think he ever played on the album

  10. That sounds like Achilles Last Stand to you?

  11. I would sell my soul for a shred of the talent Jeff has. There will never be anything like it

  12. I think us Zeppelin fans realize that he probably could have died years ago so anything now is extra time.

  13. Jimmy has been about to die since he was 30. Every time he goes a few days without posting his ✨on this day✨ on Instagram, I get worried

  14. Your situation is the exact same as mine. I also started feeling sick on the 13th and tested on the 15th. It’s a little upsetting because I had been steadily doing better until yesterday and then today, I feel like I took a step back :(

  15. Not exactly an exercise, but play long tones and then push your lower lip out to make your aperture smaller as you diminuendo and do that until you completely fade out

  16. All the “dark dances” that used extremely sensitive topics that have affected real people’s lives for shock value. We all know Abby doesn’t actually care about bringing awareness to child abduction, texting while driving etc. She just wanted something that would pull at judge’s heartstrings

  17. Similar thing happened to Queen after Freddie Mercury died. Brian May and Roger Taylor were so grief-stricken they reached the point where they refused to acknowledge Queen at all. In the end, they went back on tour as Queen with different singers and that was how they coped with the loss. John Deacon became a complete recluse and doesn't speak to anyone. Bands are like families, the death of a member is devastating.

  18. Queen’s end is absolutely heartbreaking as well. For Zep, I can’t imagine being with these 3 other guys almost constantly for 12 years, and saying in interview after interview that you’re never going to break up because you have so much more to accomplish together and are so comfortable and happy with each other, and then turning around and having something like this happen. Absolutely devastating

  19. Jimmy Page is definitely a wiz, not bullshit claims. ZOSO refers to astrology, it's from The Red Dragon. Magic shit. Plus he was obviously a huge fan of Aleister Crowley and a member of the hermetic order of the golden dawn which he is very closed off in speaking about.

  20. I didn’t mean to insinuate that he wasn’t into witchcraft and magic and astrology, I just meant it was bullshit that he wished for or caused the downfall of zeppelin with magic. I think it’s quite crass and distasteful to blame someone for their friend’s son dying and for their own friend dying, and I’m sure that nobody wants to read those kind of things about themselves. Especially when they’re In a rough patch

  21. Trial trial trial. There’s really no other way to go. But if you can’t, when Powell is an option, I’d always go with Powell

  22. It’d be a very sad movie too. The 1968-1975 portion would just be a straight up and up with not much overarching conflict (only long term protagonist vs antagonist style issue that Hollywood likes that I can think of with Zep is the press being cruel to them) and the band members always got along so well, so that takes away any idea to focus on internal drama, so that section would be unfulfilling to watch because it’s all in all, so positive. But the 1976-1980 + 1980-2007 portion would be mostly straight up tragic. The car accident, Jimmy Page’s addiction, The loss of Karac, the failing album sales, the disappointing turnout at Knebworth, being hailed out of touch dinosaurs by the general public, Bonzo’s loss and the ultimate ending of Zeppelin, Jimmy becoming a burnt out shadow of himself without Zep for the next few years, Robert completely leaving it all behind and refusing to acknowledge Zeppelin. It would be incredibly hard to watch. Everything gets built up and up for 7 years and then it all comes crashing down, mercilessly and painfully.

  23. Wasn’t Knebworth one of the greatest shows of their latter years?

  24. Knebworth was great, but the promoter and Peter Grant had expected Zeppelin to sell a certain amount of tickets over the two weekends and I can’t remember correctly, but I think they weren’t able to meet the threshold or they barely met it and Grant didn’t want them to get psyched out before playing so he covered it up to the band

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