1. Just my two cents, but I disagree. Looks like normal cube mycelium to me. It sends out tendrils to find food sources, which then thicken into the ropy strands of mycelium we know and love

  2. It was just a selfie while she was laying on the couch. I even said "I don't care who you're sending it to but at this point your behavior is concerning enough this is a potential deal breaker for me" and she just said to leave her alone. She did have a couple glasses of wine after supper but she's still very coherent and has never acted like this

  3. did you find out who she sent it to? The fact that she ran straight to the bathroom, where she could scrub all evidence, seems very suspect

  4. I stayed level the whole time we discussed and said "you need to show me whatever it was now because your behavior is not normal and a huge red flag" to which she just kept responding "what do you want me to say"

  5. You said it yourself. She knew it was a boundary, and she violated it. The only option I see is to leave and cut all contact. Something similar happened to me 2 weeks ago after a 3 year relationship. It sucks, but there are millions of good people in the world - Why waste any more time or mental energy on someone who has proven they aren't worth it?

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