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  1. Shopping ideologies like it was BlackFriday.

  2. He's so mad, but he won't give up that easy?

  3. Til fremtidige etterforskere inne i skjermen min; Ja, jeg er radikal, men radikal pasifist er vel lov å være?

  4. Tgcj talks to itself and /4t/ pushes hrt on errybody. I am literally stuck in this echochamber. I have to be a blatant truscum just to be expunged from the algorithm.

  5. Or, maybe, y'all could, like, idk, touch grass or something instead of being here all the time?

  6. I just can't wait to be banned for transphobia and become a pick-me darling of the rightwing 🥰


  8. What is it called when you accidently validate someone like that? Cisphobia?

  9. Jeg er en 30 år gammel truscum som studerer sosiologi. Tidligere har jeg jobbet ti år i psyk som Helsefagarbeider. Shitposting i tgcj gir meg mening i hverdagen.

  10. Nei, TERFS er eksklusjonære feminister som er transphober. Forskjellen er at jeg mener: Dem med kjønningongurens bør få hormoner. Dem med kroppsdysmorfi henvises til terapi. Dem som tror de er en ulv eller noe bør bli tvangsinnlagt. Dem som påstår dem er "transhandicapped" bør få en belteseng slik dem ikke skader seg selv.

  11. Oddly specific but understandable. Do you propose that wom*n gets too many options to stay unsluted?

  12. 13, but I agree, I should go to hell.

  13. The clocks run out, times up, over! blaow

  14. Pass blame. Can’t accept they ran the country into the ground. That still wasn’t enough so they started borrowing from the future.

  15. This avocado understands how we millenials got railed. Please get on my toast, so that I can have my daily Cafe Latte Brunch

  16. I broke them before I started to like milk

  17. So you just broke your bone and drank a glass of milk which you didn't like before, within the time it took to break it and post it. Curious.

  18. What do you mean: Xerox? No you are not a transdragon!

  19. IDGAF if you feel like a helikopter. I wont ever gender someone in their pressence. Neither does my language really permit a they/them dynamic so that means we are gonna gender you when you are not there. Downvote for curbstomping a poor egg.

  20. DPRK are a brave bastion, a bulwark against capitalism. Let us see paradise! The people demand it!

  21. I can say that i am neutral. I do not care what everyone does with their life unless it is violenting the law (commiting crime). That is each and everones choice. However.. There are things i do not tolerate...

  22. I understand your take. My friends sure cringe at me, not for the dresses I wear, but because I am a silly little bƏtch. Have you told your gay to keep it in his purse? Have you tried: "Zipp it darling, we are going to the movies."

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