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  1. This sub is a celebration of both the modern and historical art/science of cartography, and is far more likely to attract hobbyists and amateur enthusiasts than industry professionals by its nature.

  2. The lower left corner has your answers. If original, it’s from 1758 by ROBERT DU VAUGONDY.

  3. Wow. Thank you for your knowledge and time. I do appreciate it. Yes I will keep it. It’s pretty cool and interesting

  4. Are you Australian by any chance? The only people I ever saw religiously photographing the squirrels in the park were Aussies

  5. People dunking on blogs/stories before recipes is so tiresome. The reason you clicked that recipe from the first three results of Google is because it has good SEO because of the extra content. If it was just ingredients and methods you likely wouldn’t have found it in the first place. Most also come with “skip to recipe” buttons.

  6. This post is ancient but thought I’d throw in my two cents: I went into digital and project management. Job needed an SME on fincrime and AML to help with their CRM platform configuration and running some projects to upgrade it. Did that for a while and spent a lot of time in that job looking beyond my job spec to pick up transferable digital skills in platform management, basics of strategy, data analysis etc.

  7. Same reason there's a whole quiditch match even though the winner is almost guaranteed to be whoever catches the snitch. Wizards love their complicated games with ultimately simple conclusions.

  8. I read in the lore somewhere (though whether it was Pottermore canon or just fan theory I can’t remember) that the reason for this was better brooms. In years past when wizards had slower, less efficient brooms, the snitch could end the match but was a lot harder to catch. So it’s possible to have scored a large amount of points in that time, and the 150 becomes less impactful. With modern inventions like the Firebolt the game is over quickly and so it has a bigger effect.

  9. I mean... the school could also have their own rules that are different to professional leagues. For example, catching the snitch only gives 50 or 30 points.

  10. That’s true, pro leagues would have a different set of standards I’m sure, but if memory serves the point values are at least the same. And if it takes the Snitch to end the game, it’s a testament to Harry’s skill and the broom’s design it always ends to quickly, irrespective of points.

  11. Give silken tofu or soft tofu a try next time.

  12. I will! All I had on hand was firm this time but I know softer tofu has a very different character in this dish

  13. silken tofu might be more yum, but less healthy, it xontains chemicals in it.

  14. Does it? The kind i buy is only 3 ingredients: water, soy beans, and nigari .

  15. Backstory. As a new beekeeper I had 8 frames in a ten frame hive. They bridged and I had to remove some as I added last two frames. The other is an empty Queen cell after I lost many as they swarmed and left. Resin did not get hot enough to melt wax. Bubbles are an issue and would have been solved if I had a vacuum chamber. But I have two cool memories encased.

  16. You can also reduce bubbles by being less vigorous in the mixing, to stop excess air coming in, and then brushing resin over the entire surface with a brush to create a first layer. That smooths things out and stops bubbles catching. Then as you pour if you pour onto a dowel or tongue depressor it slows down the resin from then bubbling as it fills the mold.

  17. Crazy thing about this! If you ask the locals New Orleans would not be in the top 10 places to get Cajun or Creole food in South Louisiana. So many small town restaurants that will blow the socks off of any plate you could get in NOLA.

  18. I feel like it must be like this with a lot of regional food really. The Big City gets associated with it because that’s where all the tourists go and have it for the first time, but the small-town, local places have that real understanding and craft for it and it just sings

  19. I agree with Mr PowerPoint. I plugged your map into MaptoGlobe and the continents are really close on all sides. I think if you rotated the eastern continent clockwise you'd get a good result. I've simulated what I meant

  20. Oh, and I didn't know MaptoGlobe, that'll be useful, thank you!

  21. You can also use GPlates but MapToGlobe is more user friendly. It helps avoid the trap of filling to both edges of the map and not realising you've smashed both continents together on the other side of the world. With Earth maps the Pacific is deceptively small since we centre landmass, so when we make maps it's very easy to forget

  22. They're talking about this sort of stuff:

  23. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Did you even read my comment?

  24. They didn't actually say that though, and no amount of downvote thirsting changes this.

  25. I’m not saying that’s what they intended by saying it. I’m saying that’s the reality of that worldview, like it or not.

  26. Where does one rescue such a bird? I’ve rehomed a few birds from Reddit but nothing like this

  27. I used the British Hen Welfare Trust and recommend them highly. There’s also another charity in the UK called Fresh Start for Hens that does chickens and ducks. 😃

  28. One has a bit of a wonky top beak for this reason I suspect but nothing too horrifying. Grateful for their health

  29. I love the concept! What a great way to build up landmasses. My only (unsolicited) suggestion would be to try and break up super recognisable land forms and straight lines. The Alaska in the north is just Alaska with sharp square lines on one side, and the America formation in purple in the east is flattened but still easy to spot. Mini Africa with Cayppe make me chuckle.

  30. Yeah i tried covering up flat lines as much as i could, those just got past me

  31. There’s a lot of discourse on this. Certainly within liberal Quakerism it’s not the convention to proselytise, which is amusing considering how deeply evangelical early Quakers were. While today there are programmed and Evangelical Friends who may adopt a different tack, it’s definitely well known that liberal and unprogrammed Friends look down on proselytising.

  32. Got it! With that in mind I think you've worked your way into some very interesting combos. If you don't have terrain yet I'd recommend making about 80% of your borders conform to natural features (if this world is pre-colonial/industrial). The remainder must be explained through lore (politics, war, etc).

  33. Exactly, I think I'll be making a topographical map first and then starting on v2. Thank you for the ideas and the feedback

  34. If a Friend is causing tension or disunity in the meeting, I would expect the Friends in charge of the pastoral and spiritual care of the meeting to approach them separately. In the UK we have elders to fulfil this role, but American and other Friends have different names/roles that do much the same.

  35. I think it could be too much flour. This recipe calls for 3.5c flour for 1c butter and 2 eggs. I'd cut out a whole cup of flour from that and go with 2.5c to 1c butter and 2 eggs.

  36. That is true, but even Fox held that marriage was to be conducted by whomever was getting married onto themselves.

  37. Not sure I follow. Surely that means Fox would be supportive. Marriage is a religious commitment between the people getting married and God. If those getting married are clear in the Spirit and in correspondence with His will, then the specifics of their marriage are surely a matter for the Divine, not for Fox or any individual Friend.

  38. Yeah, we cannot know for sure, but if he truly believed that people were being called by God to marry, then he probably would have been supportive. However, as it was the 1700s, himself and a clearness committee may have viewed people wanting to marry outside of a heteronormative arraignment (polygamy/same-sex) as of not sound mind. I’m not sure.

  39. We can't truly know, but then we don't have to. Fox was our founder but he's not a messiah. We can find inspiration in his words, but ultimately we must be true to the Spirit, not Fox's opinions.

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