1. I say this every time someone posts stuff like this

  2. I think people should make an effort to upgrade. Like the super racist looking logos from the 50s are part of history, but should probably be avoided. The Indians changed their name for a valid reason. Wearing the gear because of "history" eventually starts pushing the bounds of flying the Confederate flag because of "history".

  3. I'd make an attempt to upgrade if they any cool shit to buy. Everything they have now is super generic and boring

  4. I’d more more worried if he didn’t to be honest.

  5. You just described half of the Cleveland media

  6. Soldier is good and all but have you hear about our lord and savior torbjörn?

  7. Don't get caught with your beard in the litterbox!!!

  8. Can't wait until this guy gets a standing ovation from the fans when he nails a game winning 55 yarder

  9. Isn't this kinda why everyone "loved" McLaughlin? Because he hit a 50 yarder one time?

  10. Well ain't this a shitty shit post

  11. Im shocked at your post history lol

  12. Are you really though? It seems like the always negative people are always in the same like 4 circles

  13. Nope it's related to the weather like it is almost every other year

  14. People always forget this and this topic is always posted around this time of year. Like clockwork

  15. So, I may have been panicking and a bit drunk last night lol. Now that I’ve had time to process this, I’m still a little confused about the Emerson pick. I just don’t know if we need a corner that apparently can’t move. Bell and Wright I think will be good picks, with Bell possibly being a steal. Idk who we’re taking first today though, but would a TE shock anyone?

  16. All of our DBs are made of glass

  17. I'm ok with them removing some of the stuns from the game but man it feels like taking the stuns away from certain characters completely changed the character.

  18. It's weird because without the 2nd tank I think Brig having a stun wouldn't be as oppressive as it used to be. She's so unbelievably squishy right now. Can still heal well, but playing way in the back and just throwing out Whip Shot on CD for Inspire is the correct way to play right now I think due to how fragile she is. I really think she needs another 50 hp, or a stronger shield.

  19. This doesn't seem to work with her kit though. A support with a shield who heals through hitting things who has to sit in the back? Idk

  20. Yeah, ive noticed that the glacial cascade hits weaker than the quaking sunder spells, even tho the damage on the weapon card shows higher damage.

  21. I think the sunder just has a bigger radius. I could be 100% wrong but it feels like the radius of the sunders is bigger

  22. Is there a way to see what guns scale off spell damage? Like I know the queen's cry (call? Coil?) Partially scales off magic damage and I know the pixies scale of magic damage but is there a way to tell which guns/effects scale off spell damage?

  23. Ah yes, they team being led by the OF. Just as we all expected

  24. The idea of increasing the challenge. But not in this way. Enemies have more health, do more dmg but your guns don't equality scale. All for a small chance of getting that better loot.

  25. If your guns are scaling at the same rate as the mobs then the difficulty isn't exactly changing...

  26. What role did Hollywood play exactly? 10 snaps a game maybe a target?

  27. Monk was my first d&d character. I love playing melee so i think it would be really cool to see if/how they incorporate it into wonderlands.

  28. Just remake Brick's skill tree from BL1 lol

  29. I really hope we get a story dlc at some point.

  30. Looks like it’ll clear up after 7:00, but you never know. Gonna be a miserable day for a game either way.

  31. Yeah but with the temperature I can see not doing the game

  32. Off a guy who'll be bagging groceries in a couple of weeks.

  33. Something tells me he'll probably be in AAA for most of the year

  34. Just found out I get to leave work early today. LETS GOOOOOOOOO

  35. Ready to buy my red Kwan jersey but you still can't get custom jerseys on the website? Does this franchise just not want fans money?

  36. This is the part that blows my mind. The rollout of the new gear has been terrible. I get supply chain issues are prevalent but man this could not have gone worse

  37. Yeah it blows my mind that the Commanders had jerseys available for purchase the day they announced the name and we are still struggling to roll them out. Plus, the merch they did manage to release is incredibly bland and boring. I haven't seen one item that was a must have. I don't think I could be more underwhelmed by the rebrand.

  38. I just want something cool to buy man. Just give me something cool to buy!

  39. Tv broadcaster is meh. Tom Hamilton is a national treasure and I love him dearly

  40. I like Bobby Bradley, but I don't see him working out. Too much swing and miss and not good enough plate discipline to compensate.

  41. He also doesn't hit enough bombs to compensate. If he was hitting 35+ hrs I wouldn't care.

  42. Very fair. I don't think he is in the same category as Mercado or Zimmer where we know what we have

  43. "God same old Indians", "I'm done with with this team they still suck", "welp there goes the season", "out of the hunt already"

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