1. No. If the snake is already not eating, removing the snake and putting it in a container isnt going to help. Its not like the snake doesnt know the food is there, it does it just for some reason doesnt want to eat it. Putting it into a box wont help.

  2. Please don’t take the advice from the previous poster. Yes you can put both the snake and the pinky in a small container for a few hours to overnight. Just make sure there are air holes for ventilation. Some will use the brown bag method.

  3. I honestly couldn't tell you --- I don't know anything specifically about huntsman spiders, and different ones require different environments. I'd go looking for a care sheet for your specific species and hope it mentions spiderlings.

  4. I have looked everywhere and I cannot find anything:/ is it there anything I should know in general?

  5. ‘Thanks for caring for me, how can I repay you? Can I offer you some nice eggs in this trying time?’

  6. Why not release mom and eggs and buy a captive bred baby?

  7. Because where I live no spiders are for sale and I really want to keep one as a pet 🙂

  8. Very small faint red but they disappeared.. and before I put him in his enclosure for the first time which is two weeks ago he was in quarantine and nothing was noticed so I am very confused

  9. I’d definitely say mites just because red isn’t really dust or substrate color it’s definitely the biggest indicator that they are mites. What about the gecko he ate? Did it have any signs of mites or anything irregular with it? Since he’s been in quarantine it could have been that.

  10. So I saved you post cause I was curious about your last situation with the soapy water. Came back and you have how many new animals? And you already had an issue with your new snake getting hurt? Bro, maybe this isn’t for you.

  11. Maybe it’s some type of irritation or it’s because of the shed. I am no expert tho I hope that helped

  12. Thank you so much. 💚 I’m just happy to get a response hahah

  13. I finally found someone who keeps them too! I have a baby about 1.5-2 feet long and he’s amazing!!! He is a bit aggressive in his cage(hissing and biting) but once he is out he’s a good boy.

  14. Finally! One of these little punks where they’re NOT invasive! (I live in the Sonoran and these guys have been attempting to colonize the land) I’m team Coleonyx variegatus to the core, so seeing these thugs out here on my property does not make me happy. Seeing one in OMAN where it belongs? Couldn’t be happier. Very cute. 10/10.

  15. Yessss he is a very cute one! But unfortunately he is refusing to eat :( I really wanted to keep him as a pet…

  16. could be Cyrtopodion scabrum but im not sure, ive only seen them on pictures online

  17. Oh thanks got I really freaked out that’s my second snake and I am soo worried about him since I killed my first while fighting mites

  18. It is very cute. Tempted to build a small terriarium in a spare 5 gallon tank, BUT I'm sure it'll be happier back in the garage once Texas returns to normal.

  19. Go for it I don’t think there in that bad of condition as long as yk what ur doing

  20. To be perfectly honest, I have a veiled chameleon and a panther chameleon. I have only seen pictures of flat necks but I did see a post from someone who saw a flap neck in the wild. I can go through and see if I can find the post. He seemed to be fairly knowledgeable about them. From what I know about chameleons in general, he looks fairly healthy, if not a little dehydrated. I don't think that he is on death's door by any means, if that's your question.

  21. I think that is a camel spider.. if it is then he might be dying because they do poorly in captivity.

  22. Nah it’s definitely a scorp, not sure what species as I bought from a pet store before I knew anything about animals(I wouldn’t now) but I was told Giant desert scorpion

  23. Plastic or wooden tweezers may be a good idea when they're older. Both of mine strike really hard when feeding, disproportionately for such little lizards.

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