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"Buck" scoffed at masks and vaccines, got COVID, had two strokes, and will be quadriplegic and on a ventilator for the rest of his life. Praise Jesus! God is good!

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Pokeball was a highly prolific antivax poster. His mother died of covid exactly one month before he did - he got it from her. None of the pseudoscience advice he was swamped with helped as they circled the inevitable drain. His aunt provided the sole voice of reason.

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  1. Typical American that can't see the two party system is what is destroying the US. Most people are in the center and never get represented.

  2. Right-wing states are banning books by the truckload and making it illegal for teachers to tell kids that gay people exist or that America has ever done anything racist.

  3. Get your title suggestions in for this award compilation:

  4. I know what Loving is but not obergefell, could you explain to the European?

  5. We hit 1 million a while ago. This is just the deaths that are easiest to link to COVID.

  6. St. Patrick's Day leftovers. Homemade Guinness beef stew and Irish soda bread with butter.

  7. "Please pray they do not puncture the colon" should definitely go on the list of unnecessarily detail-filled prayer requests, along with the prayers for urine and bowel movements.

  8. The big tough biker man died from a little cold. How embarrassing for him.

  9. No vaccine either and they have been working on one for decades. Super scary. Read the book "the hot zone." The book, skip the movie and be prepared to have the shit scared out of you.

  10. Just one correction - there is a vaccine for Ebola now, although there wasn't in 2014:

  11. Is there an update on this guy? Looks like his wife took her profile private, probably because of being harassed by chucklefucks from this sub.

  12. That was the one thing that also stood out.. so u put an onion on your chest and oxygen levels go up...?

  13. I put an onion poultice on my chest, which was the style at the time.

  14. I don’t know if it was OP who started this trend of the epilogue slide where the schadenfreude gets to marinate in irony before being served as the dessert pic, but it is definitely (chef’s kiss).

  15. I can't claim credit for coming up with that, but I'm happy to continue the trend!

  16. Hi y'all.... a troll has given me my first "A concerned redditor reached out to us about you." email. Yay! Still unventilated here, 3x vaxxed, still working at home, still isolating and being super careful. I love how these idiots think these kinds of reporting is going to do anything to us. We are the smart, science and reality based bunch on this rock called Earth. Stuff it trolls.

  17. It's mighty suspicious that scientists are able to use their expert knowledge to make accurate predictions!

  18. The Facebook-likes-to-USD conversion ratio has plummeted lately.

  19. Why no posts after October 2020? Did he give up Facebook for Parler or something?

  20. Possibly. He only used Facebook occasionally, but when he did use it, he'd post a ton of anti-vax and right-wing garbage, then go silent again for months.

  21. Shower thought: One day soon, likely within the next week or two, we will see a Hermie awardee with a post moaning about the White House warning about our “winter of death and devastation.”

  22. There was this guy who thought the White House statement was a curse on the nation and he could undo it with Jesus Magic:

  23. Here are David Hume's actual last words, to correct just one of the blatant lies-for-Jesus on the last few slides:

  24. "Due to unusually heavy prayer volumes, you may experience longer-than-usual wait times for divine intervention. Please continue to hold."

  25. Inspired by the story of the salad guy: Is anyone keeping track how many different supplements and miracle drugs COVID deniers are recommending? The list is growing all the time (because of course none of their shit works, and they keep adding new stuff in a vain attempt to find a magic bullet), and it's getting steadily more hilarious.

  26. Unlikely we'll have 3 million deaths. That number would only apply if the entire population was unvaccinated.

  27. If all the prayers from a famous minister friend with a big social media following couldn't save this guy, then the ordinary schmucks begging for prayer warriors are totally screwed.

  28. I really don't see much about this poster that identifies him/her as "mixed" or "liberal". Seems mostly right-wing fare to me.

  29. The meme about "it should never be illegal to give a fellow human being a drink of water" is pro-immigration. It's a reference to Texas trying to prosecute people for leaving water caches in the desert so that immigrants crossing the border that way won't die.

  30. Seeing this person as libertarian, mainly — gvmt out of all her business (including her uterus), private acts of charity are fine/good, etc., just don’t spend tax dollars on it. Definitely more conservative than liberal overall.

  31. I've seen stories of people awake on ECMO. I didn't realize it was possible. To even get out of bed, they have to have four or five nurses all around them to make sure none of the tubes get kinked or dislodged.

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