1. -It’s not dark souls, so dont play it like one.

  2. Wdym by ki pulse and burst counter is detrimental? I just beat mezuki using burst counter and abusing ki pulse

  3. I meant like super important, sorry my English isn’t perfect lol

  4. The devs said there will be around 12 weapon types.

  5. Where did they say 12? I only remember them saying "over 10 weapon types".

  6. It was in a live stream, where they were playing live with some content creators

  7. If you could complete Nioh , Dark souls or Bloodborne would be easy fr

  8. After finishing both Nioh1 and Nioh2, the only fromsoft game i played and thoroughly enjoyed start to finish was Sekiro, the rest just feel like “here’s a bunch of gimpy game mechanics enjoy overcoming them”

  9. Soul core abilities are great for extending your combos, or getting out of posture break since they cancel out animations, the snake soul core is probably one of the best ones you’ll get early on, the Enki and Yoki are also great because they’re simple to initiate and fast to combo with.

  10. If they don’t, then just set a custom mapping assignment in the controller settings and whenever you play wo long just tick the box to have it running and untick it when you’re done.

  11. Thanks for the tip. I forgot you can do that. Do you have to rebind all the buttons after you restore to default or is there a way to save the binds on series x?

  12. I don’t own an xbox so I wouldn’t know.

  13. Glad you’re enjoying it! Team ninja absolutely killed it with that game, and you’re in luck too because they’re about to release a new game that’s probably gonna be just as addicting as nioh, with sick combat! You can get the demo if you have a ps5 or xboxSX, it’s called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

  14. So start over or just put coming points into earth?

  15. Since choosing a phase at the beginning gives you 10 points in it, yes I highly recommend you start over :)

  16. Ok I am not too far in the game. I will do that than. On the other hand where do I put coming still points, strictly into earth? I'd want to have a an build that can also heavly rely on magic or ranged than on closed combat

  17. I’d put all of them in earth untill you figure out the Earth skills

  18. Morale literally dictates your strength in the mission, the game tells you that at the start.

  19. I played the demo like 7 times and i can definitely tell you that parrying is too narrow, and healing is way too slow for the speed of this game, its just inconsistent

  20. I’m excited but i have 2 complaints; First being the healing is way to punishing for a game of this speed, it needs to be fast. Secondly I feel the parrying is super tight and unforgiving, sekiro parrying was great because it was straightforward, in this game the devs want you to parry in the exact 2 frames of the attack lol if it doesn’t change when the game come out, then I won’t bother with parrying and I’ll just dodge and slash bloodborne style lol

  21. Use some fire resistance and use low stance, he has mega poise

  22. What's everyone's favorite/least favorite starting build (starting element)? I've gone through the demo twice now. Fire and metal. I plan on doing a run with each element to feel them out but curious what others have played and their thoughts!

  23. I think earth, having a tanky build seems to work for me atm since the parrying is too tight and unforgiving, unless this gets changed its gonna be a super high risk high reward kinda mechanic.

  24. Yeah I saw it, looks interesting, I also played the Valkyrie Elysium demo this morning, it was really fun :)

  25. I’d say Shibata is the boss that gave me the most pain and suffering.

  26. Considering I'm still on the horse boss at the gate and on try number 20ish and still haven't won..yes, be proud. I just got into fromsoft this year with elden ring and dark souls 3. Sekiro is definitely the most challenging, atleast to me. It feels like you have a more limited toolbox and when you win, it feels like YOU won, not a character. It's amazing. Why did I wait so long on these games. Although I'm worried if I'm having this much trouble with horse man then the rest of the game will be impossible. Long story short- be proud. You a badass.

  27. Oh I’m just like you man! Sekiro is my first fromsoftware games because i love the combat and samurai stuff, so far nothing has been impossible or unfair, before i started playing my friend told me good luck on guardian ape, and I didn’t know what meant untill I got to him, and honestly I feel like this game just needs to click with you, after that it’s simple.

  28. Oh my, you're not ready for the Owl. Good Luck Komrad

  29. This may be a dumb question but why tf is it so blue?

  30. Because i had some yellow lighting on when i took the picture lol it didn’t look like this on the actual tv.

  31. Sheeeesh that’s a nice catch! Good job buddy!

  32. Quitting pvp and sticking to modded pve servers with my friends was the best decision i ever made playing this game.

  33. Monster type could be interesting, it’ll kinda make people come up with interesting decks if the only monsters you can use are like insects, or thunder.

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