1. U should've either picked a scaling ap botlaner or just straight up dodged. Why are you crying here?

  2. Perfect game to dodge or bust out AP Varus. Me personally i would played Malzahar here because he's my most consistent pick, he's easy to pull off and you will always be useful thanks to the outplay button.

  3. I keep feeling like i should pick up ap varus as a secondary. His number in theory are giga broken plus he doesnt seem auper mechanicly intesnse.

  4. I got absalouty stomped by one when i was around level 20, had no clue what he did so i unlocked him and loved his unique ui. So i learned him and enjoyed learning him so much i decided to main him

  5. Sad otp aphelios noises. I cant stand seeing kogma locked in because it usually means theres a lulu sup. And there is nothing i hate more than lulu support (except mabey blitz)

  6. I love going in only to be outplayed by point and click you cant play the game for 2s. Yeah, lulu is something else. Anyways, our of curiousity, is there anything you struggle with in an aphelios matchup cause i personally feel like aphelios can match kog scaling. Or is lane just decided by support?

  7. Haha i loved malphite hugs and how much reasonable counterplay i have to them. Also i love my teamtes when they let me malphite walk past them so he can hug me for free just so caring of them

  8. You cant do anything, unless your absaloutly cracked and probably smurfing. Play for yourself, dont make plays that rely on the support, and remember if they push in tier 1, and are seiging teir 2, Eventually even your plastic II elo jg will notice and shut them down.

  9. Why stop there senna could work too maybe have isolde as the spirit tied to power.

  10. Yooo, senna guided by isolde. Imagine isolde senna voicelines like alune aphelios, like isolde speaking through senna to save other souls

  11. When playing against a teamcomp like you mentioned I have a tried and true strategy.

  12. You have to skirt the fight. As an ADC, your job is to hit the closest thing that moves. That's where you should be, and where they'll be looking for you. So, don't be there. If there's a fed assassin who is holding back his big skills until you're in reach, don't go in and wait them out. Unfortunately, this gives you small agency in such fights, but is the best way to try and win. It doesn't matter if you are 10/0 and melting their frontline if a 4/2 Fizz will pop out of nowhere and delete you.

  13. Yeah, my general games go that my toplane feed and my team is too weak to win anything without me there.

  14. ADC moment. Sometimea it just feels like adc as a whole is irrelavant. Could also just be me hardstuck dirt III elo

  15. Unfortunately, ADC isn’t really made to be fun to play anymore for the average player. I would honestly just stop playing it if you don’t want to deal with the imbalance in regular games until things change.

  16. Feels like it sometimes, too addicted to aa based champs tho. Mabey its time to main kayle akshan or kindred instead 😔

  17. idk, for me personally it feels like bait most of the time, i only do it into heavy poke comps like Caitlyn with a Lux, Xerath or Brand.

  18. Build path for me always felt pretty bad compared to noonquiver and pickaxe powerspikes

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