1. I don't think the community can handle another letter

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's a free speech absolutist.

  3. Remember you're on reddit, hive mind and echo chambers are persistent here

  4. This level of trolling is nothing, just call them poor and you just won lol

  5. This is just going to be the new toxic thing for players to do in the game, and it's stemming from THIS subreddit, that's why it needs calling out.

  6. Actually people have harassed others based on their purchases ever since you could buy optional stuff, look at war thunder for example people call you shit just for buying a vehicle

  7. It's typically reactionary, and showing you're upset is what they want from you.

  8. Optical illusion, it's facing towards you at a high angle and with you moving perpendicular with it gives the illusion of motion

  9. 15000 points for 1 piece of tape out of 5 allowed per day you can earn, 10 needed to craft 1 roll of tape in which you can randomly earn an entire roll of tape if you're lucky enough but don't expect it

  10. The left side shows buy orders, what people are willing to pay to purchase an item, think of it as a reservation on what they are willing to pay. The right side shows sell orders where people list the price they're willing to sell their item for, this is the price you'll be paying if you want to purchase one yourself off the bat. If you want it cheaper you'll need to put in your own buy order if you're willing to wait (possibly a long time) to get a cheaper price.

  11. Before I say anything else I’m an idiot, you mean just quit the game and re launch it right? If so then yea I have

  12. Yeah that's what I meant, try verifying the files and if that doesn't fix anything hopefully someone else has a solution before having to just reinstall the game

  13. He's just good at using the current bait, block and report

  14. If you J out then you can't die thanks to their smokes

  15. You also forgot "Literally 1984" for the muh freedom retards

  16. Nah Gaijin took chat away because of something the community did, again.

  17. Shoulda killed them before they could camp perhaps?

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