This sub helped locate that Wagner base that got hit today! I passed that locate along to SBU. Well done folks.

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  1. He didn't. He bought himself in , then sued the original creators to get his name on there and being called co-founder. He's a narcissistic twat with even worse blood-money than oil sheiks (blood-diamonds).

  2. It's how you know they've never been outside.

  3. Some guy who inhrerited his entire fortune and uses his wealth for ultimate hedonism, including human trafficking, slavery, rape, bribery, and hitmen who cut up bodies of anyone who opposes them? I sleep

  4. people will blame Marner for cursing the Jays, but at least the Leafs make the playoffs

  5. Good, they deserve harsher punishments. They are literally traitors to this country. Not only that, they were willing to sell information that could lead to the deaths of military personnel. Zero sympathy for them.

  6. But when other nations do it, they are condemned.

  7. Little bit different bud. The US isn't sabre rattling with these tests (or at least not this one)

  8. You probably wouldn't ask the same question about the killing of women in Islamic countries would you? You meantioned honor killing and associates that with Islam when it's practiced under many religions.

  9. There's a difference between a country ruled by a religion vs. a country that's religious

  10. Nah just you couple of weird fucks that for whatever weird reason what to censor things like this.

  11. “Oh, come on Russia, we just gonna break any rules in order to defeat you, because we have some sort of moral highground, despite terror bombing civilians of Donbass with forbidden weapons for almost a decade!” /s

  12. How can Ukrainians eat when their country is being invaded by Russian scum? Their children raped and tortured by cowards? You are a piece of shit and I hope you get what you deserve.

  13. Berrios has enough good starts and Ws in the season to not be among the worst starters in baseball.

  14. Kikuchi is signed for half as long and 1/4 as much. He can also go into the bullpen for playoffs.

  15. Canadas GDP Is significantly less than the state of California. They exist as a puppet because the United States let’s them. Canadians have been getting a little uppity in the last few decades.

  16. Scouting. The transfer window still has 2 weeks to go. Might be able to sign a new player to strengthen the squad.

  17. That's what I love about prospects. I get older but they stay the same age.

  18. “We were excluded from the peace table, and the peace process was incredibly flawed. It’s assumption, that Taliban had changed, were delusion. The process violates everything from Acheson and Marshall to Kissinger and Baker regarding preparation, regarding organization, we never got to discussions. It was all foreplay.”

  19. Gun nuts are incredible man. People dying left and right and you guys still justify it. So disgustingly selfish.

  20. I said gun nuts bro, I never specified where you're from. Why the hell did you even bring the different countries into them? And you're saying I'm the one strawmaning? Laughable. I also didn't realize you needed to own a gun to have idiotic takes about them and support them? To me a gun nut is anyone that's okay with those useless things being so easily available. And if you're going to now bitch me out for "I'm not even American so why should I care about your policies/if guns are easily available in your country" then shut the fuck up and don't talk about our politics in the first place. Absolute idiocy.

  21. What is the point of offroad if you don't get stuck and recover? ;)

  22. Why do you live in Canada if you support terrorist regimes like Russia? Are you just a troll, or do you like the benefits of Western society but feel want to pretend you're better than the rest of us?

  23. You know Ted Cruz would do this... Russia doesn't have a monopoly on dumb.

  24. the issue isn't having dumb people, the issue is not having enough smart people to make sure the dumb people can't do (too much) dumb shit

  25. Sandler is such a beauty. Regularly plays pick-up games with randoms, among other things.

  26. he's a cool dude by all accounts. yeah he's made some criminally bad movies, but he also casts a lot of his friends in them and films in nice locations, so you can't really hate him for that

  27. Bud, go outside the White House and protest Biden, call him every slur you can think of.

  28. Memphis over both Gasols prob, Charlotte, New Orleans, Toronto, Hawks over Nique maybe. 1 chip + 4 years of all-nba is quite a lot for these teams. A franchises first and only NBA championship means a lot. It doesn't mean that much to the Lakers.

  29. Kawhi was in Toronto for a year and people still go back and forth between him and Lowry as GROAT (talent vs. legacy). after Kawhi and Lowry, it's probably VC and DeMar, and they didn't win anything. VC's only claim to fame in Toronto is the hype he generated, and LeBron would do that x10 in today's world

  30. I'd agree. Our D is the best it's ever been. Mainly because of Sandin and Liljegren dominating their minutes regardless of their partner.

  31. No. Outside of 1 month Campbell has a pretty bad season. Mrazek was Mrazek.

  32. "All religions are bad" seems like the equivalent of "All lives matter"

  33. Maybe you should ask the Mexicans what they want, since it's their country.

  34. They're not fighting for a cause or trying to better society. They're largely bored, middle aged men who want a thrill, so they troll irl trying to seek confrontation and someone to take their anger out on.

  35. Looks like your fist was fully closed around the throttle. It’s important to always have one if not two fingers cover the front brake during intersections for this reason. Cuts down reaction time greatly and you’d be surprised much faster you come to a stop.

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