1. Worried at 1st because I didn’t know how I would do it, but it turned out ok

  2. 7 is honestly the FF that made the series mainstream and it’s pretty awesome. I started with 6 myself and fell in love with the series. I’m currently playing 9

  3. Well sucks to be him. Get everything in writing and unless it’s for school purposes, never do an internship for free. That’s free labor

  4. In the Netherlands we have to do a whole 1600 hours to finished our education

  5. Playing with kids. God forbid if I have fun with my children at a park without someone staring

  6. They honestly do the same thing. It’s the ecosystem that makes it different. I’ve always been an android person but the only reason why I have an iPhone is to text my sons since they have iPods

  7. Don’t look into it too much honestly. Unless she makes her intentions clear, it can be just innocent flirting.

  8. If you feel comfortable enough to ask why, then go for it. I’d be pretty upset if I found out that people will be making more than myself. With your experience I’m sure you can get a new job if it comes to it

  9. To bad the majority of the wwe audience is from the casual base. You can stop all you want, but doesn’t mean it’ll matter.

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