1. Yeah sure dm me. Do you have any cards to trade?

  2. HI I need S and I !!!! I have the E aswell

  3. I need friends like this. Ride or die oml

  4. I don’t know if men write better posts than women, but I agree that men shouldn’t associate a low response with their worth.

  5. Yep pretty much went through what you went through. Like you said, hi or hey is very low effort even if I’ve put a decently long post. Additionally blocks of test can be too overwhelming. Honestly just a small paragraph is perfectly fine to mention who you are, what you do and to mention how you can relate to the post. A picture greatly helps with a response for future meet ups (obviously they give one too) and to just get it straight up on whether the attraction is mutual. even if it is just like me, a picture with a covid mask on. A Redditor told me I was crazy for meeting up redditors and said I should watch out and make sure they are who they say there are, friend or potential partner.

  6. Yep I’m in the same boat, it makes me look fatter than I am. I have a few pictures of me around the age u mentioned where I started to see a change in my face like that. As many have said I think it is just genetics other than weight. People have recommended a face lift, but a MINI face lift might do the trick for now, they just make a small incision near your ear and pull the skin taut , so it’s minimally invasive

  7. I have yet to meet a girl who can keep a conversation going for more than 2 days. They all just don't give a shit, and eventually I just stopped too. Its kind of sad when you're really putting yourself out there, like really out of your comfort zone, and they just don't care.

  8. I think some girls have a large influx of messages coming in, and with Reddit’s awkward messaging system it’s hard to keep track or find the messages and keep up a chat. Plus they might have found someone else or aren’t feeling it.

  9. Hi! I’m a bit late to the post but when did you start noticing when your face slimmed down? Also where’s there any other thing you did to slim down the face like facial exercises?

  10. Her before reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt who was quite the It Girl back then

  11. Jean watts, Liza soberano, Olivia hussey. They’re so beautiful.

  12. Honestly, hardmaxxing is the way to go. However, maybe you could give off a different vibe? I’m pear-shaped, and I have somewhat neotenous features. I don’t think I fit the sexy vibe (insta baddie, slim thick) that you would usually associate with an hourglass figure, so I try to pull off something else such as doll-looking, fairy-type/ethereal or looking classy/elegant (very timeless). All of the above are definitely feminine, and you don’t necessarily need an hourglass body to pull them off.

  13. Me too! I’d like to bring the best out of someone and have them do the same for me

  14. my bf and I died laughing at how unexpected and unnecessary this was 😹

  15. Absolutely agree. I went from “wash and wear” hair to styled daily (bought a Dyson Airwrap, absolute game changer) and it boosted my confidence and my looks SO MUCH.

  16. I really want to get this! I tried a similar product to the Revlon one one step and while it does make my hair feel silky smooth and sleek, I really would like some curls or waves in my hair and I don’t think the revlon can do that for me.

  17. Ooo this is a good post. I’m taking a gap year next year and I really want to looksmaxx me personalitymaxx the fuck out.

  18. Homeboy just had to stay on the left side, but went the extra mile

  19. MCM Birmingham comic con? I would’ve said hi! >_<

  20. Wow you’re going! Me too! That’s an awesome cosplay btw!!!!

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