1. Aren’t there like 300 people max playing GC classic at any point

  2. when I check steam stats I always see 2k people playing, but this is not to be taken serious anyway. it's just a meme

  3. can you tell me the songs are new or taken from the internet like the Harrier world songs?

  4. they sound original to me, but I haven't checked for their source so I can't really tell

  5. I didn't play after the beta, should I comeback and go hard? I don't really wish to spend much money however

  6. I really like the state the game is in right now, so I'd say go for it

  7. So youre the one who's been stealing all the chicks in GCC 😡😡

  8. Goddamn, your C-level went up by alot from opening those boxes! 😲

  9. meh, I've been with the game since it launched. could be a lot worse, but could have been a little better too

  10. it's been a year and they haven't done that, they not gonna do that

  11. Not to worry, tomorrow's GC update is re-recycled event.

  12. nah, there's actually some new stuff that I actually want cause they might be good

  13. the amount of times you called him a bastard tho 😭

  14. this bastard shall never leave his card now 😡

  15. yeah, been chasing him too, still nothing

  16. check your new stuff, Blizzard opened ALL of them for you.

  17. I haven't been up to date with all of the news, I haven't played ow1 in a while

  18. It's a loose GC reference with the music and HP bar. Other than that, idk what this has to do with the game.

  19. they gonna release dos before they release uno

  20. Game preservation is cool and all, but just a heads up: be careful of rule 8.

  21. I own all these games on steam, I bought them for a much better value before they were delisted from steam

  22. yes, I gave him credit on my comment. but there's no way to pin comments on reddit so more people can see it

  23. if this post somehow gets a lot of upvotes or comments like my last post, I can't promise I'll be engaging on the conversation. this meme just got popular on twitter so I decided to upload it here too.

  24. Why is there a ニ at the end?

  25. it translates to 2, sonic forces 2. at least that's what google translate says...

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