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  1. I sure hope you didn’t write this on your iPhone…

  2. Why is being tolerant something they should be thinking about? They wanted to host the world cup and nothing more.

  3. Because faux tolerance is the most important thing to the west and so, when it's not the most important thing in a country that's hosting a world wide event like this, the west is baffled when they realize other countries haven't adopted their views and morals.

  4. It's pretty sad that I'm not even surprised at this point.

  5. I know the feeling. 😭😭 I almost feel like I have to wait like 5+ years until I'm fully transitioned+GCS+Laser+anything else before someone will accept me. I'm at the super awkward stage where I still boymode a lot and am only 3 months on HRT but I want to do cute things with cute people. 👉👈

  6. Definitely don't wait. I know it sounds cliche AF but if you find that special person, they're going to like you no matter what stage your at.

  7. From my and my irl friends that happen to be trans women, experience says absolutely not. I've been fooled into thinking the same and the dating scene online and otherwise will leave you feeling the complete opposite. They'll say one thing but when it really comes down to it, it's a different story.

  8. It was probably the most traumatic week of my life being sent to the men's jail. I need a ton of therapy to process it all.

  9. Same, except a lot longer than a week. Thankfully I was never put in any physical danger but mentally it ruined me.

  10. Not an option for me. I think i will take one for the team and be a bitch about life like god themself intended.

  11. Why would a "gay top" be attracted to a woman, her logic doesn't check out...

  12. Thought this was a baby, til I realized it was indeed a man. And a giant dildo

  13. As if that means it couldn't have been a baby. Smh at blatant transphobia.

  14. At it's worst this is a transphobic way to gatekeep womanhood.

  15. I heard they look exactly like real vaginas, is that not true?

  16. IMHO, it really depends on the surgeon and the technique used. They have a lot more leeway and freedom in the GRS realm in places like Thailand compared to America, so they're able to use procedures and techniques that are unavailable in most 1st world countries.

  17. For real though, you're 100% spot on. Then they like to excuse it by defining us solely based on biological sex, can't believe how many times I've heard the line, "But you can't be misogynistic to Males."

  18. Not everything is propaganda and hate, that kind of thinking makes trans people that do deal with this kind of experience, like myself, afraid to talk about this stuff openly in the community when you spout nonsense like, "Such and such experience is probably just fake and hate."

  19. From what I've heard and experienced myself, it's really a psychological matter. Function doesn't change, but you're perception of your body can. So don't be too hard on yourself if it's not something you've noticed or felt.

  20. No where near as frustrating as this, but I remember one time I asked to have my hair cut in a specific way, nothing fancy, nothing crazy. The hairstylist was like “No you don’t want that.” and proceeded to cut my hair shorter than I asked and styled it differently too and after told me “How’s that?”

  21. I literally can't go to a salon because this pretty much happened to me, except it was malicious and done out of hate.

  22. This is still a far more rational answer than those kids deserve to die.

  23. I wouldn't say they deserve to die, but I'd wager nothing was lost to society if they do. In fact, it'd probably be a gain as they wouldn't be able to prey upon anyone else in the future.

  24. The hospital staff were probably just as bigoted otherwise the Male nurse would've said "sorry officers its against hospital policy for a male nurse to examine a naked female patient"

  25. They're excuse to me when I went inpatient and had a similar experience was that they only considered me a male and that they weren't going to "force" their female staff to attend a males examination, all of this said as if I were some predator trying to prey on them.

  26. Let's be honest. As long as we are not fortunate enough to pass cis people will always see us as our birth sex. You can explain as much as you want, they won't change their views. We can't do much about it, except of hoping to get to a point where we are not visibly trans one day or accept people will always see us as "different".

  27. Welp, six years in on hrt and basically no physical changes so I guess I'm in the latter camp. It just sucks, no idea how I'll be able to get to a point of accepting that people will never just see me as a woman.

  28. Yup, and stupid me I've made this mistake twice before with way worse endings, and still I freaking tried again. Fuck that, finally learned my lesson.

  29. Then just don’t get any?…

  30. Word of caution - just because insurance covers it, doesn't mean it's totally covered. For instance, some plans will cover a set $ amount, or if the surgeon is not in network, they will say "we cover up to the max allowable amount" which can be considerably lower than what's needed.

  31. This! Completely caught me off guard to see the final bil.l

  32. My feelings toward my homegirl down under are complicated. It feels wrong, but I don't feel any distress over it feeling wrong, as a matter of fact sometimes it makes me feel kinda special, being different from most other girls in that way. But whenever I imagine my ideal self, it's never there, because it feels wrong. I'd rather have a sausage wallet, the idea of going through the trouble of acquiring and maintaining a surgically created coochie just overwhelms me in comparison to being different. So I kinda feel ya on the not usually feeling dysphoric, but wishing you had one bit. I'm just going the opposite direction.

  33. Honestly, I wish I had this outlook when I was pre op, instead I just saw it as one more thing on top of many, many, many things that made me feel like I wasn't a real woman because it separated me from cis women.

  34. Oh man, I know this feeling well and the ensuing devastation of it actually being followed through. From the bottom of my heart, I hope to God you don't have to go through that.

  35. I have never cared or given a shit about JK even before her transphobic nonsense...

  36. The crazy part to me, how even after all this shit, people are still willing to give their money to her. Honestly wish her Transphobic nonsense wasn't highlighted and raved and she could just go down in obscurity like she deserves, bankrupt and friendless but the saddest thing to me is she's just been lifted up by the Terfs and is still creating things and putting them out there, still lives a life of luxury and comfort, even with all the hate she spews.

  37. Terfs aren't even their own friends...the minute JK has a half brain enough to voice an opinion that is separate from the echo chamber they'll masticate her and spit her out...and maybe she'll become an irrelevant woe is me or she'll go back to writing books that at least impacted people positively

  38. I mean, I'd def take that outcome, though I don't think she deserves the chance. But it's a been a few years and that hate is still being spewed on a loud speaker without slowing down at all and people are eating it up. Smdh it's infuriating.

  39. sounds like 'you broke my neck' which if you listen as she gets slammed down, sounds like a bit of a cracking noise? Possibly a collarbone snapping? Collar bones snap quite easily and the way she landed, its a possibility? Go america

  40. That sound is this they/thems last few brain cells peacing out, which is probably why they/shem/zir then begins seizing out and screeching, "You held me by the neck!"

  41. Adding my voice to be downvoted here as well. I agree gun posts don’t belong here. There is a subreddit for that.

  42. This happens to me sometimes, but doesn't seem to be tied to how "strong" orgasms are. Though, tend to happen more if I go for a frustrated quickie vs actually preparing and taking my time.

  43. Yup, has happened to me both pre transition and after as well. It's not tied to being a woman in any way as cis men have them as well, most likely tied to blood pressure and could be something to worry about if reacuring.

  44. This sounds wonderful, this is what a little self esteem can do for ones self image.

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