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  1. A while back I recall reading something about purified pokemon getting some sort of bonus against shadow pokemon. Is that a thing or did I Mandela myself?

  2. Ahh ok that must have been it then. Thanks for the explanation, I won't waste time making purified pokemon for fighting team rocket haha.

  3. NSV - For the first time in my life, my chest is bigger than my stomach! Absolutely lost my mind when I noticed because I have a hard time feeling like I've changed at all.

  4. It's crazy, all my shirts fit entirely differently now.

  5. I’ve been there. I hate to parrot an Instagram post but nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

  6. In addition to the cravings there's the next day. I had 2 taco bell burritos last night as my first cheat meal in a month or so. Felt like garbage trying to workout today.

  7. My gf and I have made tons of progress on this by ordering things to split too. Parents did the whole finish your plate thing and boy does it stick.

  8. Best advice. Also, people who put you down for counting calories and tell you to stop, as OP described, are usually the people who are overweight. It's two things, and perhaps they play together? For one, people have total garbage and the vaguest of knowledge about what eating disorders are vs. healthy lifestyles. Most fat people think dieting is just "eat a chicken sandwich instead of a burger" and no other changes or paying attention. My previous roommate was obese and had that mindset, and would get pretty visibly upset when I said she needed to pay attention to how much she was eating. No matter how much people want it to magically work, "better choices" won't make you lose weight. Fewer calories in vs. calories out is the only thing that makes you lose weight.

  9. In my case it's people overweight, but still less overweight than me. I'm convinced some people close to me don't want to see me pass them or something.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. Although I have a friend coming to visit from out of town next week and I am so sad that my weight loss might hurt her feelings. She'll be glad for me, of course, but I hate that it will hurt her at least on some level.

  11. I agree. I wish people could see that improving yourself isn't an attack on them.

  12. The fact that they used Squall with his head wound is hilarious.

  13. stories like that are why I would never in my life ba able to play healer. I would try way too hard to just keep everyone alive. Healers get to witness everyones stupidity when they look at their health bars, i will remain blissfully ignorant as a tank or dps.

  14. Idk as a tank you sometimes have to notice the other tanks stupidity.

  15. Man it's so nice going online and being mostly confident that whatever I put in my cart is going to fit me. When I was bigger it was a total crapshoot.

  16. I want this power with wrestling and band tees. 2x is always gone so fast.

  17. I just got a new dialogue in Volcano Manor from a npc that says he left the spear there. Is this new or did I just miss it? Never even seen this guy before.

  18. Every time you reset the area you have a chance of him spawning (20% if I'm not mistaken). So it's totally possible that you just missed him the other times :D

  19. Oooh that's super cool! I'm on like my 4th playthrough and still finding new stuff!

  20. Wasn't My Gm always playable ?

  21. Haven't been able to play it since launch, save ALWAYS corrupts at some point. Even without CAW.

  22. you dont need custom superstars for it to crash

  23. Never made it past like week 15. Lately it's 2.

  24. Omg same. I've been lifting for about 2 years but just finally started cleaning up my diet a couple months ago. Already starting to notice loose, wrinkly skin on the back of my legs and inner thigh and was feeling pretty heartbroken about it.

  25. Let him roll a charisma check. On a 17 to 19 the door is a mimic and will attack. On a nat 20 the door opens as he has convinved the mimic.

  26. I'm about to dm my first one in our next session. Absolutely terrified but excited lol.

  27. When my family was moving into our house a stray kitten walked into the house while our front door was open. We assumed it was a neighbours but nobody recognised it. We gave it some ham and then it left.

  28. My mom got a kitten last year that literally just strutted up to her stoop while taking out trash and hopped on her shoulder without hesitation.

  29. I just noticed this recently with my new coffee flavored whey. Since lowering my sugar intake I've noticed a protein shake tastes just as good to me as a Monster Java.

  30. Probably because of the idea that the combination can cause kidney stones due to the hig levels of calcium in both and the oxalic acid in the greens combining with the calcium to make calcium oxalate which is believed to cause the stones. But it's likely a long process happening over years so probably not an issue in reality and the health benefits will probably out weigh the slim chance of developing stones. Or use a milk alternative if you are concerned suck as almond milk or coconut milk

  31. Copy & paste from what I said to the other duder:

  32. Muscle memory kicks in pretty fast too. Once you get over that bump of getting started it only gets easier quick!

  33. Agreed. It's awesome that they listened but a lot of things are still very very broken.

  34. Just curious, was this a new play through or an existing one? I'm wondering if new sessions might be more stable... if the patch even addresses this issue at all.

  35. I tried both new and existing. It seems they didn't touch mygm.

  36. On normal difficulty mine always crashes at week 2.

  37. What’s tomorrow? Are they finally fixing all the problems with the game?

  38. Patch released today. Idk about other stuff but they didn't fix mygm at all. Still unplayable. Mine crashes at week 2, some people I think get further but normal and hard just break.

  39. As someone who has the PC version I would advise against getting it on the platform if you have another option. Go for the PS5 version. The PC version has unbearable loading times with community creations. I mean really unbearable to the point of over 5 minutes wait time per match.

  40. 2nd this. I have the PS5 version and the PS4 one feels unplayable now due to load times.

  41. I always find it interesting to hear other players experiences with the game. I had maybe 3 crashes since launch (during the initial month), a couple weird bugs (getting counted out at Royal Rumble because i bugged out of a mid rope spot. Was hilarious tbh) and some online mishaps but nothing as bad as what everyone else has had.

  42. Depends what modes you're playing. My gm is nearly impossible to complete since the dlc.

  43. Ah shit, thanks. I figured it’d already be a set stable like some of the others are when you link them up. I guess that means there’s no DX intro either.

  44. There is for Trips and Michaels for sure, I used it in universe. Idk about the three of them though.

  45. There is meant to be an update going live today or tomorrow. No official patch notes but you'd assume this would be a big thing to fix

  46. Oh for real? Awesome news thanks. Is there like a central place to get this info? So far all my issues with 2k22 I've only found info via random reddit threads. Google is being next to worthless.


  48. Forgot to reply, but nope. It’s still crashing my save. myGM is completely broken for me

  49. Not long ago people were claiming that it still works in easy difficulty but I'm having this problem at random weeks there too.

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