1. Oh they're just pitching the shows they already have? I was really thinking they'd be announcing something bigger with the start of that headline.

  2. While it's not listed, I still hope Apple TV+ will release first trailer for 'Wool' or at least a teaser.

  3. NDA’s have an expiration date. The choking incident happened in April 2020. Two years and a couple months later the victim is speaking out. Around the time in 2020 it was noticed that the girl’s social media accounts all disappeared just like the hotel owners social media and Reddit accounts disappeared at the same time they dropped their restraining order without prejudice.

  4. Excellent point. I think that explains the line in

  5. Any regular citizen would be in jail. Equal justice.

  6. Why not bring back Woody & Wesley: “Old Men Can Hardly Move”

  7. A great fun summer blockbuster, with an amazing cast.

  8. The adorable little buggers will surprise everyone, again. The movie will end up making over a billion dollars.

  9. As someone who has no issues with the past three seasons “coherent” is not how I’d describe this episode.

  10. The opening teaser felt like something out of 'The X Files', with the attack of

  11. I don't really remember anything about season 3, to be honest.

  12. A giant AI ball, a French guy and Jesse Pinkman, that's what I remember from season 3.

  13. I'll believe it when it actually happens.

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