1. To be fair, ad revenue sharing is a pretty good idea for a content platform. How you would actually make it work on Twitter is beyond me though. Tying it to a subscription is also insanely dumb. Also Twitter is arguably not a content platform either, it's more accurately a social platform.

  2. Everyone steals each other's joke on Twitter, and with something so throwaway as tweets it'd only get more over-the-top with money involved.

  3. Just checked, it isn't. As another commenter said, nanashi mumei basically just means "anonymous anonymous", so someone could just have that name. I think the lore behind it is that she's forgotten her original name and thus goes by anonymous

  4. One of the creatives could have seen the name and thought 'Thats clever, I'll use that.'

  5. Ever since Jake Gyllenhaal spoke about how adamant Heath Ledger was that every scene in Brokeback Mountain was true to their love story, because it would truly matter to so many people, I just feel so much sadder about losing Heath.

  6. It sucks that a great movie like Brokeback Mountain became a punchline to so many jokes.

  7. It sucks it's kinda been a bit forgotten, because the Joker role defined him. I think his performance in that deserved the Oscar, it was really affecting.

  8. Makes me a bit sad, Sana killed in the last one of these.

  9. Big bazookas. I'm looking there, who cares about the eyes.

  10. That shirt is so timelessly tacky this could be 1979, 1993 or 2015.

  11. An idiot did something dumb. That’s all that happened here.

  12. Prices have been steadily decreasing in response to interest rates, and will continue going lower. That's not a bubble, that's a steady, and very foreseeable decline.

  13. Also she didn't choose to be on the show, the producers picked her. The people on the show are mad at themselves for picking people based on what makes good TV rather than what makes a good business idea

  14. I’ve worked in a decent amount of reality tv, typically If it is a competition with cash prizes there is very little scripting/reshooting like you get with something like a pawn stars, because as one show runner explained to me, it would open them up to potential lawsuits.

  15. It could be 100% real but the producers pick the people who pitch based on what makes the best TV, rather than what is the most worthy. So it's rigged either way.

  16. Today was my lucky shiny day, a shiny and a 14/15/15 Blitzle, then a shiny Yungoos, then restarted playing Gold and got a shiny Bellsprout on the first encounter. I'll probably won't get a shiny for months now.

  17. That is the best advertisement for a phone mount I have ever seen

  18. Plot twist: he was filming this on his other phone.

  19. Sana's legacy is getting an audible laugh from Kaela.

  20. I am so confused as to the lack of traction this is getting. Is this sub becoming even more EN isolated than I thought? It's literally the two most watched vtubers in the world in one of the most famous pairings releasing an original song. Like did I just miss the post? Even the view numbers are kind of shocking. I'd expect a million views in 1 day for something like this.

  21. I'm guessing people are managing expectations. A new collab would really raise excitement levels. I don't think Pekora has even talked about the song on stream.

  22. Each year there are in-person only events on cities with large player concentrations. Last year the "Air Adventures" events went around the world doing Safari Zones. Cities like Taipei or Singapore had multi-day events with exclusive Pokemon, unique costumes and special raids.

  23. Pokemon has been doing this stuff since Red/Blue came out, so I doubt anything is going to change.

  24. Daily incense is rubbish. The game isn't really built for speed runs with all the animation for catching a pokemon. It just gets frustrating playing when on the clock.

  25. I got so lucky this month, my area only spawned Lillipup from the list, so got two, and with this event, got two through ekans.

  26. I remember watching Pokemon in the morning! Still makes me fuzzy and happy thinking about that time.

  27. Vivid memory of Gold coming out, I'd wake up super early on a Saturday to play while watching the show. Good times.

  28. Halfway through, I had to check your username to make sure that the Undertaker wasn’t going to push Mankind off the hell in a cell.

  29. Yep, felt this was leading to Undertaker being the girl.

  30. its really hard to tell but i dont think it was managment, many speculations out there such as them having an argument which is unlikely. also pekomiko was a strong ship and miko and, especially pekora didnt feel comfortable with it.

  31. Just look at who Ditto can be (it changes every month) and catch the ones you see. It's really not that rare, but it's usually the bad spawns that people overlook

  32. I got lucky this month, only Lillipup really spawned in my area from the list. Caught two Dittos.

  33. I'm after a hundo for Mega Lopunny and a shiny Ponyta as I missed out on the shiny Ponyta day thinking it would be a multiple day event when it came out unannounced years ago. So these spawns while not inspiring me to go out much are at least giving me shinies I forgot existed like Pidove and Skitty.

  34. 350 bunearys caught in my quest for a shiny, still nothing. Have a 15/14/15 Lopunny though, so happy with that.

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