1. The post title annoyed me a little due to it being overused. But quality post 10/10 will 100x bitcoin long rn

  2. I threw in a "token" amount. I can afford to lose 100 bucks, but if it moons, I'm good. If it drops 50% I might invest some more (IF btc and crypto overall doesn't sink in the next couple of months, due to bad macro outlook)

  3. "I agree with Ted, but I hate him so im gonna keep voting for people who wants crypto skynet"

  4. Crypto is a 0 sum game, every benefit is a loose somewhere. That's the difference with stock, where the grow of the company and the stock can be correlated with the sale of a product.

  5. LMAO. Trying to make me look like the bad guy here? I'm a woman myself. She's going against her husband, who just straight up went in on her like that while she was playing around and you think that's okay??

  6. Well if you are a woman, how can I make you look like a "bad guy" (unless you plan to transition soon)? And if you are provoking someone into a fight, to the point where you have boxing gloves, in a ring, it would be incredibly dumb to assume it was just for play. Pluss, don't you believe that women are just as strong and capable as men?

  7. Alright I'm checking out of this convo. It's painfully clear you're just trying to patronize and manipulate me into agreeing with you, as well as just not seeing my point.

  8. You clearly can't argue back, since you don't have a good argument, and you are wrong.

  9. If I had a dollar for every gender, I would have 2 dollars

  10. Coh3 is so unfinished, absolute disgrace to see anyone buying and praising such a dog product. This is the reason we can't have nice things.

  11. Yeah man, a downgraded coh 2 is definitely better than wc3 🤡

  12. I have a cult too, it's called, NOT A SCAM, 2000 entry fee cuz it's better.

  13. “Free speech” does not mean people can say fucked up shit without dealing with the consequences

  14. Fam I got perma banned from pcgaming sub for saying and I quote verbatim "I will buy Hogwarts Legacy regardless of what activists say".

  15. No, it's just inflation by another name. Best likely scenario is that the token will go down in price by that amount (probably more).

  16. The real victims are the devs. They just want to make the best game they can, but because of management they have to include this shity DRM

  17. Well, they could also start something of their own. And then they could start making games that are worth the money. I only pay for indie games nowadays.

  18. Use fitgirls if you want to destroy your SSD lol

  19. Why do you say that? I used fitgirls to download nioh 2 and it runs well.

  20. The repacking is done poorly, you are going to shorten the lifespan of wathever drive you install it on.

  21. Wheres the rest of this? why is it clipped out of context?

  22. Vel, f35 er et av de verste flyene vi kunne ha kjøpt.

  23. Jeg trodde det samme før, men viss du tar noen søk på F35 på YouTube. Så vil du se nyere videoer av F35-A som faktisk er meget imponerende. Tidligere videoer er av F35-B, altså bombefly varianten, som såvidt jeg forstår er mye mindre manøvrerbar. Vi har A varianten her i Norge. De nyere F35 fremvisningene er vertfall mye mer overbevisende enn de gamle. Det er vel strategisk smartere å holde tilbake informasjon, enn å lage masse skryte videoer, slik som Russland gjør. Forøvrig finnes det nesten ingen SU-57 til sammenligning med de flere tusen F35 som er produsert så langt..

  24. Ser ikke ut som Australia var så glade i sine nye f35 fly ^

  25. A lot of fringe political figures seem to base their predictions on wishful thinking......

  26. Wait I need a backstory on this... Fuckin Wings of Redemption got cucked... By his woman, and a shoe salesman?

  27. At some point, if he had reached out for help an advice, and taken it, he would have my sympathy. The fact that he does it to himself is why I really do not care for him that much.

  28. Fucking hell if the first Mobik’s got rusted rifles what will the rest of them get? Sticks?

  29. Just dont download from fitgirl, there are WAY better repackers out there.

  30. I've had days like this. Norway can be difficult to love on occasions. I live in one of the other "cities" in Norway. Small, not very densely populated and surprisingly friendly towards foreigners. I am called "The [country of origin] [gender]" but it isn't derogatory.

  31. Its cheaper to move abroad, so why get a plane ticket to northern Norway when you can get the same ticket to a better place?

  32. It's actually quite a good question about Norwegian society. It is a sparsely populated country but not a sparsely distributed population. I guess we like living in big cities and not prepared to sacrifice the conveniences of urban living for more personal space.

  33. More like its the most expensive country in the world to own a car, and get a drivers license, so good luck living affordable in this shithole country.

  34. Tbh it's like that in any pvp game, even more so here because of the lack of regulations, especially for leavers

  35. more regulations is gonna make it worse, just look at league. You can barely say anything to a blatant troll, or else you gonna get com banned (eventually game banned)

  36. Never said that, but we can both agree that talking shit gets you nowhere (also they only censor curse words from my experience) and at the end of the day the chat exists to communicate and just talk about anything in general.

  37. Let people bottle it up instead and grief each other in other ways instead, that always makes a game less toxic!

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