A paper about consent in my college's bathroom.

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  1. Jordan frequently points out that meaning and purpose is found by taking responsibility, but I don't think I've heard him say why that is true.

  2. What’s he trying to say about corporations here? He doesn’t trust them??

  3. Ha, more like he just speaks his mind, says what he thinks, then people make broad sweeping generalisations about which camp he must therefore be in today.

  4. Well, he self describes as "classic liberal", and thinks that's temperamentally where he belongs, which explains a great deal of his frustration with the current left that he sees as a betrayal of their fundamentals.

  5. I've come across a few Brony's IRL. It does feel a bit weird, but my sense was that they were like lost souls looking for a place of comfort that they somehow missed out on in their childhood.

  6. Your degree is a foot in the door of industry, but you can move around with experience.

  7. What is your definition of fascism if the CBC being the Liberals propaganda arm doesn't meet that standard? And Schaub, I'm surprised the left isn't more interested in that guy's plans. He's an unelected elite that wants you to stay poor and stupid and will suck up to governments to make it happen. The Bank of Canada is trading our future every day by printing money for global interests that don't help Canadians. Canceling free speech shit definitely fits my definition as well.

  8. Yeah, I saw someone recently wrote, "Nazism was social justice for Germans", and just thought, Ooooh that has to sting, but then again the people targeted by that comparison probably wouldn't recognise the basis of the comparison, so maybe not. Hard to tell.

  9. Because consent can be withdrawn.

  10. Pointing out that someone doesn't understand basic concepts of a topic they speak about with authority is "playing rhetorical games"?

  11. Claiming he doesn't understand basic concepts without any substantial basis for such a claim, is rhetorical nonsense.

  12. Sorry I don't have time to write out an entire essay on Reddit to appease the three random JBP fanboys who might actually scroll down this far. Especially since it would just be rehashing easily available information, written much more eloquently by others, that can be easily accessed with a few simple google queries.

  13. Lets also not forget about how VW caused diesel-gate. I'll never forgive those assholes for what they did. All because they wanted to shirk emission standards and got fined for it, many people who bought their cars had to bring them in and get them downgraded just to comply. They lost a lot of what they originally bought and that wasn't right at all!

  14. That is insanity. Does your car still pass e-checks without the pump?

  15. Okay I’ll address some of your points. For starters, you sure did seem to justify the behavior of racial profiling. Making it seem like it is natural and okay to judge some one by their race alone is pretty bad. Secondly, waking down the street in a dangerous area should give you concern. However, this is not because of race, it is because the area is dangerous. If I see a black person in a car driving randomly and I decide that he seems dangerous solely because he’s black that is racially profiling. Stop putting in extra qualifiers. When I presented the study it wasn’t about people who act like criminals being profiled, it was people solely being judged based off of their skin color or the sound of their name. Also, don’t downplay funding. It is true that funding alone won’t do it, but not having funding will almost certainly prevent it. Communities need good schools and extra curricular activities to thrive. Education is the ultimate wealth equalizer, and having bad schools prevents that. Now religion was key for communities, but realistically there’s no governmental approach for that, I mean we can’t make people go to church. Also, I’m really not trying to castrate any group of people. I’m not going to spend all my time speaking on something neither of us believe. However, understanding bias in a system through racism provides an essential tool to fixing those systems. Finally, my biggest source of contention is welfare. It seems that you have misunderstood my statistic. Black fathers are present, they are just not as married. Welfare in no way can stop this. The government’s not going to make sure a man is no where near the child before giving welfare, it’s just marriage that is usually disqualified (which can be bad). Furthermore, I fundamentally disagree with the notion that welfare encourages women to have kids by herself. The benefits of the income from another partner far outweigh the money from welfare. No person would kick the father out, and the money he could provide, to get a welfare check. Welfare isn’t creating single mothers, it’s more so just helping them out. If not welfare, how do you suppose helping single mothers. I mean you can’t just let them starve, and if the father ran off what can they do about it. Will some rare people maybe take advantage and have kinds with no partner on purpose, potentially (unlikely), but ultimately some aid is needed. And by no means am I saying welfare is perfect, but some aid is undoubtedly required. Ultimately, the solution is complicated. Will money solely do it, no. However, we are not god. Funding schools, encouraging activities, and trying to impact the raising of the next generation are the only things in our control. Maybe I can’t stop in group preferences magically, but I can encourage a culture that discourages racial bias. Maybe I can’t suddenly make all criminals give up their ways, but I can give schools and activities that steer them away from crime. Maybe I can’t bring back closer nit communities that discouraged certain urban issues, but I can impact the way that society and governmental organizations impact youth. All we have is the government, all we have is programs and funding. I don’t want to spend the next 50 years saying “just don’t commit crimes.” But I can spend 50 years impacting the upbringing of people so that they won’t need to commit any.

  16. This is ultimately a statement I mostly agree with. The truth is is that racial views blind most. Where we diverge is the way we come to conclusions. Race is not the way to view all issues, but it is one way. Race, economics, power, etc are all lenses that we can use to analyze history and come to solutions. A lens should not be a complete view, but it can be used to get a more accurate picture. I don’t want people to view everything in only a racial way, but it is important to sometimes consider the impact of race on some of these issues

  17. Yeah, and got rid of the one thing that made money at Twitter advertisers.

  18. ... and you don't think the ridiculous rate of media hit pieces had anything to do with that?

  19. The entire premise implies that the only basis of our relationships in a society is a competition for numerical value.

  20. While I'm no fan of people who identify with left-wing politics, you contradicted yourself right off the bat.

  21. What can you talk about on Twitter now that you couldn’t before? I’ve never had any problem saying whatever the fuck I want on Twitter.

  22. So, your message is that this guy can't be non-binary, because he got beat up after shooting people and his father was a drug addled ex-porn actor that liked being kicked in the nuts and who you think hates gays, even though it didn't say that, but hey, nut kicking ...

  23. I did hear recently that your body tends to be more insulin sensitive in the mornings and you sleep better when not also digesting, so if you're doing OMAD, morning might be the choice.

  24. you explain reproduction and i do feel that when we are in a reproductive state our focus is much more different than when we aren’t…explain the situation for people ages 50+…not just survival bc there is calmness when your old enough to walk away from the storm..

  25. Why would you try to provide self help advice to well rounded people with healthy fulfilled lives?

  26. It's not his only interview, genius. And what you consider steelmanning, everyone else sees for what it is: Cult behavior.

  27. No, steelmanning is simply stepping outside of your preconceived notions, to consider the strongest case for an opponent's argument, to see how well it stacks up.

  28. Perhaps because the population is broadly sick of having ideology shoved down their throats, masquerading as entertainment.

  29. Not op but why avoid rendered fats? I've never heard that advice before.

  30. Yeah, small amounts are fine, but don't use rendered fats as any significant portion of your fat intake - it will give you the shits.

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