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  1. XXX Tentation, Pop Smoke, Avicii, Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, Etika...

  2. In fact, that indicator lets you know if an app is accessing your camera or microphone. So you can edit the permissions of your apps, as another comment indicates. I would recommend that you remove permissions from apps like Facebook and ask for permission every time. You will be surprised how many times thet activate the microphone or camera.

  3. Or just set it to only allow when using the app

  4. I have the same problem. I have 56 friends and it won't let me add anyone else. I click add and it buffers for a moment, yet nothing happens.

  5. That is normal, for me it always does, but it sends the fr anyways

  6. Sorry, if didn't help. Please stop crying, those are just icons they're not your everything!

  7. But seen not being yourself is the entire fun of it! I understand why you would want to still be yourself but still its more fun to be something or someone completely unrealistic

  8. Mainly depends on what you do in-game, i have am both an irl and in-game photographer for events, so I consider that having the same looks both in game and outside to be extremely important.

  9. As a private party enjoyer wakes its own avatars and optimizes them to its fullest extent, the only one that applies is the visitors, they def are a pain in the ass to hear

  10. 8.7 million oculus just oculus headsets were sold in 2021. It it not dead.

  11. It might have something to do with the curent v39 DRM problems oculus is having, lots of people can't even see their app library

  12. Oh boy, what wouldn't i do without these amazing deals, oculus is amazing

  13. a 1070 is cheaper in most cases, and the 8gb vram is a godsend

  14. Add me and I'll show you cool stuff Nero_Soares

  15. Just get a full on PC. Performance will be better, more customizable and overall really quiet. My machine does not make any more sound running vr than it would do just being idle.

  16. Vrchats got a zero tolerance to any modifications of their game dousnt matter if all you run simply improves the game performance etc

  17. If you have some common sense, you won't get banned, just don't use disruptive mods and don't go around telling everyone you have them...

  18. Female avatars look really cute, i use my own avatar tho, which is based on the real life me

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