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Poverty can be a barrier to employment.

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  1. The most important thing in a partnership, according to most people :(

  2. You'd think this post would scare me off wanting to have medication for my adhd someday. But just like another reply said, it sounds like a normal, healthy level of motivation that understandably you're afraid of because we've never experienced it before. Feeling capable to do more than the bare minimum of survive? That's gonna take some getting used to!! Wishing you all the best :)

  3. I kinda lurk on this subreddit even though I don't id as a trans man. I identify as a transmasculine nonbinary woman. Hopefully, maybe hearing how I knew I wasn't a trans man could help you a little? Personally, it all comes down to pronouns and gendered language. The way I safely played around with both is by playing as male characters in dnd, and pretending the other players were referring to me. It didn't feel right to me. Who knows, that may change someday, and I'm okay with that. I wish you the best of luck!!

  4. I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to offer the info that you're not alone. I go back n forth a lot on whether I want to go on T myself- and one of the reasons is I don't personally like the idea of body hair. But I think it's a lot more normal than we think that people transitioning have to say "well, there's more pros than cons in this specific procedure," and then kinda... deal with it? Like a transfemme person may want to bind after starting E, or something. I dunno if that makes sense, but I hope it comforts you some!

  5. Mine is true in my case! My first partner was quite nervous, and so was I. So friendly reminder that yes you can be an ace and not be a virgin :) (Not that this post was implying that you couldn't be, lol).

  6. It's so validating to see other nonbinary people struggling with this (tho I'm coming from the perspective of an afab person who likes feminine things). You're valid and I hope you can explore your identity and feel happy :)

  7. I literally went to a meetup for trans folks in my area, and the whole time I kept thinking "they must think I'm fake and invading this space, I should have dressed more masculine since I'm AFAB" I wish I could just feel comfortable and know they don't think less of me for being not only not androgynous, but not presenting as the opposite sex as the one I was assigned at birth.

  8. Taking this further from just "poor" to outright homeless- most jobs won't hire you if you don't have a permanent residence and a reliable form of transportation, or a really large gap in work history. Forget being able to have freshly laundered clothes, let alone ones that fit dress code requirements. Having a decent night's sleep and food to have the energy to work, having a place to shower before work, either. And if you need medicine or other treatments for physical or psychological issues that would impede your ability to work? You usually can't get them without insurance. And you need a job to get insurance.

  9. At this point yall could make stuff up and I'd just accept it, bc it all sounds so silly asfasfd

  10. You're not a bad person, you're not faking being ace, you're not invading ace spaces, or anything like that- don't let this person get to you. If asexuality is a label you identify with, awesome!! You don't have to be sex-repulsed or not masturbate to be part of the ace spectrum.

  11. You are so valid and I wish I could hug you through the screen adfadfs

  12. The part that really confuses me is, I have several trans friends... (largely from a local trans discord server, some from school) and none of us have completely supportive parents. Most of us have transphobic parents that we're closeted from and scared to let know. Many of us came out and have since lost all contact with our parents. The few left have strained relationships where their parents don't really support them, but haven't cut contact.

  13. Ngl I'm terrified that like someday I'll realize my depression or my meds were affecting my sexuality and then "wow I fulfilled a stereotype hhhhhhhh"

  14. people can't be stereotypes. if it turned out that you're asexual because of those, that doesn't make you less asexual. you'd be valid either way.

  15. yay new insecurity based in imposter syndrome unlocked :))

  16. You're completely valid- I may be a nonbinary person who wants a flat chest. It's just like,, it's been normalized and even celebrated as liberating for afab people to dress more masc, but seen as bad in so many ways for amab people to dress femme. It's sad, and I hope someday any presentation could be seen as potentially androgynous, or at least be more balanced.

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