1. Everything about the therapist's actions is highly unethical. It's also a violation of the code of conduct for the profession.

  2. I had two of mine out in the chair. $1500 for both all up privately.

  3. I feel it will be too large, and heavy for a carry on. If you put it in your luggage, you're going to need to wrap it up well to reduce the risk of damage.

  4. How?!? New York to Sydney is a 22 hour flight.

  5. I collect comic books. I love seeing how the art and writing has evolved over the decades.

  6. I have crystals shaped like nude women. A whole bunch of them. It’s gay AF

  7. I've enjoyed a lot of casual sex, however all parties were aware that the sex was casual. I didn't feel used because we all knew what we were getting into. It was just sex, and that's what I needed at the time.

  8. I'm currently married to a woman with stretched earlobes, and I have many tattoos, and piercings. All of them are hot. 10/10.

  9. You can go to a surgeon and ask for a Statement of Financial Consent, along with the cost for the anesthesiologist. The SFC will give a breakdown of the procedure, the Medicare numbers, and cost. If you don't have private health insurance, you also need to factor in costs like the hospital stay, theatre fees etc.

  10. I'm proud of whoever birthed her.

  11. Edgy teens who don't understand that oppression is intersectional. It's not linear. I'm white, and there are many countries that I couldn't visit due to my whiteness, or my being a woman, or my being gay. Many of the commenters are most likely white, simping for people they'll never meet because they think performative allyship is the way to being the One True Moral Person. Or they're from another minority and think their oppression is devalued when others speak up about theirs.

  12. My fav was that pegging men means you’re a lesbian and liking feminine men means you’re a lesbian. Like yeah lady, nothing like butt-sexing a full on man to make female homosexuality obvious. Lol

  13. it’s a google doc bi people use to ignore their male attraction and call themselves lesbians. It’s not worth ur time.

  14. I haven't commented much here before because I'm cis however I enjoy lurking in this sub since you guys are nearly the last bastion of sanity for online LGBT spaces.

  15. It's how everything goes. First they decided that the correct thing was to ask everyone's pronouns to avoid misgendering, and now they decide that they/them is for everyone and is "safe" to use with anyone so that doesn't count as misgendering anymore.

  16. I made this point in another sub:

  17. There will always be edge cases, a grey area where youre right, its hard to distinguish.

  18. Asexual spectrum. You should probably actually understand how aromantic and asexual works before you give me shit.

  19. I genuinely don't understand. I'm struggling to understand how "no sexual attraction" can be a spectrum.

  20. I don't entirely agree. I do believe that being asexual is a part of the diversity of sexual orientation. I just don't understand how a person can be sexually attracted to someone while experiencing no sexual attraction.

  21. When someone displays homophobic behaviour but then dismisses its impact on others by saying "I have a gay sister", they're refusing to take responsibility for their actions. Having a gay sister doesn't automatically wipe out years of ingrained homophobic bias, and hetereonormativity.

  22. Oh, that's true. What would you say about the other quote?

  23. I brought you your orange sher-bert.

  24. We apparently have four species. The knowledge we have scorpions here is mind blowing.

  25. As mentioned in another comment, we have over 100 known species, so far. If you go overturning rocks in the bush and pay attention you'll come across some sooner or later. A lot are very small and camoflauge well

  26. That's a very cool thing to have learned today.

  27. I just feel like... its such a useless word. It doesnt mean anything anymore and i dont feel any sort of connection with it. I feel annoyed when i see it as a descriptor because it doesnt mean anything, it feels like its a waste of my time. Especially considering a lot of the people using it are just spicy straights/kinksters. When used to refer to me i hate it. Dont fucking imply that im (probably) attracted to men. Lesbian is a boundary as much as it is a description. Dont obfuscate it by using another word.

  28. I hate it more now since its use as an useless identifier has increased than at any other point in history. It was never a slur in my region so I never associated it as a slur previously. Except now it's used by the straights to avoid having to say gay/lesbian/bi etc.

  29. Before I found this thread, I thought I was the only who just never found men interesting, at all. I remember in my theater class when a male classmate was bent over trying to fix something, and a bunch of girls — including the self-identified lesbians — were making comments about how nice his butt was. Meanwhile, I'm just standing there awkwardly like, “Guys, it's just a butt. It's not that great. Shit comes out of there.”

  30. What does comphet “wander” mean? I don’t love this concept of comphet, as it is currently used, and have gone on at length about it so I won’t bore you.

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