1. The employees try to warn as many as people as possible about these products, as well as being under paid and under-staffed. Superflux is at fault here for putting out a shady deal, not the employees. The sign is posted on the counter, at the register, so you can read it and ask questions, if you have any. How can we, as employees, answer your questions about a product you don't ask about?

  2. Some MAC v2 and some of that good ol King's Mustache.

  3. Well I’ll give it a go then tomorrow. I’m just still learning and wasn’t sure so I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

  4. Most dispensaries should be accommodating when a patient asks to know the harvest/package date. Any that wouldn't tell/show you what the harvest date is, is definitely one you shouldn't be going to.

  5. Haha, I know my friend. They were asking if they could look at the container before or ask about the dates on the package.

  6. Sorry this one isn't in Cincy, but Strawberry Fields in Columbus was stacking discounts a few months ago, when I went in, not sure if it's still happening though.

  7. Columbus botanist should have some this week

  8. You should be able to buy up until the 25th, but after that you'll have to renew the recommendation and then you would have to renew the card on the 31st. As long as neither one is expired, you should be good to go.

  9. Slap Wagon from Columbia Care was great for helping me get to sleep, really nice and heavy strain

  10. It’s almost time to renew my card. Any recommendations who to use that’s easy and best price?

  11. Ohio Green Medical Team's prices aren't too bad, they'll get you renewed quickly as well.

  12. 10% off all flower at Strawberry Fields in Columbus, not a huge discount but I believe they stack discounts so that's dope. Awesome service as well.

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