1. I started buying everything at the end of September and beginning of November because I'm so paranoid ill forget something. If i do it early enough it hopefully gives me enough time to remember anything I've missed

  2. Few people (small minority) seem confused between mispronounced words and an Irish accent in these comments. We have have our own dialect of english, not being American or British doesn't make something wrong and comes off a bit inferiority complexy if you take umbridge with your own people's dialect.

  3. Haven’t given it a big soak yet! The seller said to give it 2 cups of water so that’s what I did. Maybe I’ll try that! Thank you

  4. I'd definitely water it again and use more than two cups, baring in mind you have it in terracotta pot that would nearly absorb that much on its own as they also take in water. My cacti in terracotta need more regular and heavier watering than those in plastic or ceramic pots due to the absorption.

  5. Ireland 5000 odd years ago, I want to see the rain forests and ecosystem and know what newgrange actually looked like, know what our culture was like

  6. When people say community they don't mean religious groups they mean locality, and if you've moved here then you're now in their locality. Most women don't care or don't want to talk about anyones religion, it would be considered weird to bring religion into dating honestly.

  7. If I get too stressed yes, it could be something all at once or small tiny stressor that build up without me realising until its too late.

  8. Never heard of that, their noses are probably cleaner than ours

  9. I'm certain I saw some in the gift shop of the national archaeological museum, books too

  10. Got any vitamin c? Eat a ton of it. If you take your meds at the wrong time or accidentally take an extra dose because you forgot you already took it, just smash a bunch of vitamin c. The acids prevent the absorption of the meds.

  11. That's a great idea especially because you can't overdose on vitamin c, your body will just pee out the excess in your system

  12. Is your wife a dog? That's how I make sure my dog eats all his dinner

  13. I wonder what would have happened if the nephew got inside the house with that hammer, to me it seemed like he wanted more than just property damage. I'd never feel safe around him again.

  14. I don't see any of my family at Christmas. If people are detrimental to your health mentally or physically you don't have to see them, ever.

  15. So not the same bar they've had down south for years?

  16. South ones shit too. tastes worse than cooking chocolate don't know how people eat it, hasn't been good since the early 2000s at least

  17. I don't know what it is I do but when I try make women friends a common occurance is they hate me before they've ever spoken to me or they attach to me to a really obsessive scary degree.

  18. Honestly I don't really think I am, like I'm not ugly but I'd just consider myself your average Joe appearance wise 😬 if I knew what it was I'm doing (if it is my fault) to cause this unhealthy attachment I'd stop in a heartbeat.

  19. Went to Iceland last week and nothing, same as before the pandemic

  20. I hope we get a better update from this soon, what a terrible situation

  21. No, they're not more "traditional", whoever you spoke to has given you a false representation of the majority

  22. Very clear it's not legit, point of posting is to watch out for less savvy/elderly friends and family

  23. Did you tell them that? Might be someone scoping out your house if you’re overseas for a week or two.

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