1. Because we’re screwed by the capitalist system.

  2. Depends on how you define harm. The life of a milk cow is not exactly a happy one, breed solely to maximize milk output, pumped full of medication to stop the inflammations from hour long milking and the joins slowly crumbling under the weight of the cow.

  3. One theory would be that the storytellers were creationists. Their deity created Homo Sapiens to be omnivorous, so who would they be to question that?

  4. I find a running horse, a dog and a cat. Not sure it is the same horse or dog that you see though.

  5. Normally the line to the urinals will be shorter.

  6. Who (unless you’re an actor or writer) has time for drama at their workplace?

  7. this is so ignorant. a good waiter at a decent restaurant can make $30 an hour. At a top end restaurant they can make $50 an hour. It's a great job and a good system. You are either foreign and don't understand or broke and expect things for free.

  8. In America, the largest economy in the world, tipping is expected. Those lists are made by people with an agenda. I have no clue why you think that inserting the business owner into the income stream would make people make more.

  9. Inserting the business owner into the income stream allows for paid sick leave, paid vacation, free public healthcare and a plethora of other things.

  10. Slice it across the fibres and it will be more tender.

  11. It’s circular. If you desalinate sea water, the desalinated water will eventually end up back in the sea. So if you took the salt out and stored it on land, the salinity of the sea would slowly go down.

  12. but there is already desalination plants that put brine back in the ocean??? im asking why the salt cant be stored on land.

  13. Because you do not want decrease the salinity of the sea.

  14. Only if it makes you happier than any of the alternatives.

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