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  1. There’s two things that I have noticed with diet alterations but of course we are all different enough that who knows if what my body does will match anyone else’s.

  2. I actually have tried ox bile. It was one of the things my ND had me try. I took it along with some acid (I don’t remember which) because I always fight with constipation.

  3. It helps me manage headaches... you know the ones that come with angry guts... or from angry guts...

  4. Your definition of genocide is a purposeful expansion of the term to include practices that weren't originally considered genocide.

  5. It was fun. At 430 there was a mob who was too offended to hear her speak. So at 7 it was moved to zoom. It was good talk. It was about academic freedom.- which I guarantee not one of those comically childish zealots protesting knew. Lol.

  6. They must have slept the whole drive up highway two.

  7. I've gotten them a few times when stressed. Definitely make an oatmeal paste or have an oat bath (grind it up in the blender/food processor) to relieve some itch...

  8. We arent mandated to waste resources giving anyone who wants it air time. Why don't we give 2 hours a week at the university to the homeless guy on the corner ranting about judgement day?

  9. Her facebook bio also says she has a spirit animal, and I see she is doing a talk on "indigenous ways of knowing "

  10. This is a good question. My sleepless started with tumor compression. Probably a major TSH change.

  11. Yep and then they tried like make up that it was psych for a while when it was not. Then they tried again. I bypassed their fake tumors are psych shit etc by getting care out of town and using cash pay.

  12. Panax Ginseng (Korean Red Ginseng) works WONDERS for me. As does green tea because it contains l-theanine as well as caffeine.

  13. Thanks for reconfirming my point again! I would love to never have a future interaction :)

  14. AIP is not a "special diet for hashimoto's" as you pointed out. It is an elimination protocol for a broad spectrum of autoimmune disease.

  15. In the summer, when the heat makes you feel crazy - store that baby in the fridge or freezer if you can.

  16. Long underwear, fingerless gloves, and a toque (Canadian word for a woolen beanie). Also, movement like dancing and just shaking ny extremities.

  17. Levi at Catwalk or Jessie at Black Magic Collective both have their own fabulous curly hairs.

  18. Rest as much as you can and make sure not to compare yourself to others. Maybe if you can justify a house cleaner or something.

  19. Redwing shoes are great, my husband has a pair he'sbeen wearing for ten years - break in is a bitch though. Personally, I'd go to Populess before the redheart stores just for quality of service and to support an absolutely wonderful business. 😊

  20. Are they made from vegetarian mice it caught?

  21. I use Viori conditioner made from the recipe of the red Yao tribe and coconut oil. The longsheng rice has b vitamins like you are saying helped. The combination has stopped the crazy itchy scalp and dandruff! Coconut oil is amazing bc it kills off bad bacteria.

  22. I felt like it would never happen. Around month 5 I shaved it and bought some fun wigs, month 6. I bleached the regrowth cause, well - what does it matter if it's already falling out right? And now that I have the contrast of the white, I can see little black hairs that are brand new with no bleach coming in. I think cytomel was the game changer.

  23. I do have to figure out if it's worth it. No offense but your politicians are scaring me.

  24. I moved back to Alberta from Vancouver in 2013 and have to say, the affordability feature was really refreshing after a decade of having to constantly worry about money.

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