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  1. These are like two of my all time favorite knives. I just replaced the skeletool for the signal and I haven’t replaced the kabar yet. Any suggestions?

  2. Oh, it’s totally pointless. I’m glad you posted. These are meant to be “gendered,” even though it’s stupid. They belong! Good post.

  3. Hi, I’m the guy from above. I love this sub and I think pointlessly gendered products are dumb. But my wife really likes when I use “manscaped” (a very purposely gendered brand) brand wipes for my junk. This might be one of those cases where It’s ok for there to be a gender differentiation. Does anyone have a gender neutral brand wipe for me to try?

  4. So just getting this straight, your wife said “eww” about you using baby wipes on your junk because it’s marketed for babies? Or is it the fact that they smell better?

  5. She likes the scent of the “manscaped” wipes. I don’t think it was the idea that they were baby wipes. But maybe.

  6. Or, and stay with me here, maybe it's both? Maybe we can try to achieve more than one thing at a time?

  7. I am so with you. But. I don’t think we get both at one time. If the right is saying this is a mental health issue then fine. Let’s get universal healthcare that includes mental health for all Americans. That will help. It is a start.

  8. Democrats want to overturn Citizens United, which created that flow of dark money. It's one of the top Dem priorities. Citizens United would not exist if we had elected Gore the Climate Guy, a Dem, instead of Bush.

  9. Hey friend. We need to slow down our thumbs and think. I’m on your side. We are in this together. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that Dems are perfect. We have no idols. I vote Dem, right up until they stop benefiting the people. We need reform. Let’s be smart and get it.

  10. I’m not sure we can get either friend. We may just be stuck with no gun control AND no universal healthcare.

  11. Maybe we should just close all the schools as well. No hate towards you. I’m just tired.

  12. All of it. People keep talking about mental health support. I agree, but you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Would any of the mass shooters, especially the school shooters, decide to go to a health care professional before going on their rampage?

  13. Peace be with you friend. It’s been a long week for all of us. I see an avenue towards the right embracing healthcare as a priority. I am also reaching at straws like everyone else. Easy access to mental health WOULD help as well as the knock on effect of removing medical debt from stressed households. We need something/anything to relieve the pressure. Do we want gun reform? Sure. The health issue might be an easier fight right now.

  14. When you’re in the conspiratorial mindset, you create the reality and it makes complete sense. I think I’m being groomed to murder myself

  15. Checkmate I’ve been grooming you to murder me this whole time!!!! Hahahhahahahahaah

  16. People out there doing the good work. It makes me ashamed of just sitting here on the couch watching “secrets of skinwalker ranch”.

  17. But now we can forget about the gun problem. Don’t you see? We can think about this now. And feel safe in our superiority. Like a warm blanket. Guns are fine. Shhhhhh. Sleep…. Sleep… shhhhh…

  18. Marjorie confuses cold pea soup with Nazis. I'm not eating any recipient she recommends.

  19. I kinda want to make one of her recipes now. Not sure if I have enough virgin immigrant blood and bonemeal. Does anyone have any substitutions?

  20. This particular picture looks like she just realized she sharted.

  21. You ever shove a partially decayed jawbone from a wild boar you killed a couple days ago deep up into your vagina to try and kill the yeast infection? That’s the face you make after you’ve done it for the 20th time.

  22. The only thing that stops a bad guy without an education is a good guy without an education… errr’ something like that.

  23. When you argue with morons, you argue with morons…

  24. We have tried to get you guys on board with free healthcare, which would include easily available mental health care. You guys have said “ NO FUCK YOU”.

  25. We have tried to get you guys on board with free healthcare, which would include easily available mental health care. You guys have said “ NO FUCK YOU”.

  26. If you don't understand sarcasm, you don't understand language

  27. Is this wrong of me? Whenever I hear of brokenhearted parents of children murdered at school I think "I hope they were Republican voters", because, if they were, I need have no sympathy for them at all. What goes around, comes around.

  28. Yeah that’s wrong of you. They’re still parents. Deluded and radicalized but still parents.

  29. This headline appears to be in English but i can’t understand the words in the order they are placed.

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