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  1. He’s making a point, in his typically twat-like way, that I don’t necessarily disagree with - farmers should be paid a fair price for their food. I think the issue is that supermarkets use their huge purchasing power to enforce ridiculously low payments on farmers, while simultaneously jacking up the price to customers. Maximising their own profits at the expense of basically everyone else.

  2. My nephew’s cat is the most incredibly nervous creature I’ve ever met, and she does this when she puffs up because there’s something scary.

  3. I call these “timeshare kitties”. Not your cat, just likes to visit for extra loves and fusses.

  4. He didn’t die, he rage quit.

  5. I want to play the butt pat bongos.

  6. The thing is also that his vision was constantly changing, there wasn't one constant, solid underlying vision. In different interviews and books he talks about very, VERY different plans for the sequel trilogy (sometimes "focusing on the micro universe" of the midichlorian, sometimes with a focus on Leia, sometimes with Darth Maul returning with an apprentice, Darth Talon, other times with a big enemy coming from outside the Galaxy...).

  7. To be fair to Lucas, neither did Disney, but they made them anyway.

  8. Those are quite lorge screms actually

  9. Oh shit I know what I’m doing the next time I go to the laundrette

  10. My personal favourite from a childhood of being dragged to lower division and non-league games were the ones insulting the other team’s ground

  11. I know it says swear words, but it’s not, it’s a scale of offensiveness. Referring to someone as a chav is likely to offend them, because it’s always meant pejoratively.

  12. This is absolute bullshit. There should be no barriers between you and your right to vote. We’ve all watched how they’ve been using this in the US along with gerrymandering of voting districts to disenfranchise black Americans. There is absolutely no benefit to this other than the Tories playing political games with our basic rights.

  13. You appear to have a dog and a malevolent house demon on your ottoman.

  14. That cat ain’t playing. He’s gonna mess you up.

  15. This thing looks like life size robot wars.

  16. It might go on their “permanent record”

  17. Talking about pay being a “taboo” is a total boomer move. Fuck that noise.

  18. Mrs Browns Boys killed itself. It should just have been a series or two of light comedy, maybe a Christmas special and then done. I quite enjoyed the simple slapstick humour when it first started, but it has way outstayed its welcome.

  19. I got permabanned from the love island sub for asking what the appeal is lololol

  20. I can’t see any downside here.

  21. I'd hope the dog just didn't wander into the train but her owners were there as well.

  22. Her owner was very grateful to be able to get some sleep while I cooed over her super sweet dog for 3 hours.

  23. Probably tail end of the Clone Wars. 3 years of consistent fighting under his belt, and he’s at his most physically able. Once he fell to the dark side and lost his limbs, he no longer had the finesse or mobility when engaged in a lightsaber battle and relies much more heavily on brute force. Hence why Obi-Wan fucking annihilates him even after basically going hobo for 10 years. Once Obi-Wan had his mojo back, his control of the light side and skill made him far more powerful than Vader.

  24. Cats don’t have breeds. There’s only a few versions. Nugget, Kitten, cat, loaf, chonk, and oh lawd he comin’! Also, Orange Boi. Edited to add nugget and chonk. Edited again to add Orange Boi Edit III: I forgot the Void

  25. You forgot Orange Boi. Mighty of stature, only one brain cell.

  26. Could be a hybrid. Could be a Brown Cat.

  27. I want the season where force ghost Obi-Wan haunts the fuck out of Vader and there’s nothing Vader can do about it. Half way through the season, Yoda joins him, and it’s basically this:

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