1. Can you please do a commission for me? I have 2m+ dollars and i can pay you whatever amount you want.

  2. If it still happens try changing your password im not sure if it a person in your acccont or just a bug but just to be safe to that

  3. if i were you i would not be complaining

  4. Well you probably should because you can get perm ban if the game thinks its an exploit.

  5. Hello! Are you able to do a yt tut? Its an apartment complex thats pretty cheap less than 25 minutes and its only the exterior!

  6. Hey! Sure. Thanks for ordering :) shall we talk further in dms?

  7. Hey! Do you do commissions? I have 2m atm and i can work for more if you want.

  8. Can i get the free petservice? I have 4 buffalos and i just need then to teen they are all newborn.

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